Where To Find The Greathood (Sorcerer Painting)


To get the Int and Faith-boosting Greathood in Elden Ring, Tarnished spellcasters must locate and examine the Sorcerer Painting in Castle Sol.

Claimed by several Tarnished to be the “greatest hood in the land,” the Greathood is a unique single-set headpiece in Elden Ring that raises both Intelligence and Faith by +2 but reduces max HP by 10%. This fabulous hood is absurdly large, even causing some in the community to warn that its size can obstruct the third-person camera during exploration or combat. Nevertheless, those looking for a suitable cosplay helm to play as Pyramid Head will find the Greathood in Elden Ring to pair well with Anastasia’s large Butchering Knife.

The Greathood’s location in Elden Ring is correlated to the Sorcerer Painting within Castle Sol, a fortress in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Accordingly, it will do Tarnished no good to know where to find the Greathood since they must examine the painting first for the item to spawn. To reach Castle Sol, adventurers must defeat Morgott, the Omen King of Leyndell, to receive the Rold Medallion from Melina. They will then be able to cross the Forbidden Lands to the Grand Lift of Rold and access the Mountaintops of the Giants.


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Castle Sol is located in the far north of the region, past the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins. However, reaching the location is the easy part, as exploring the castle to find the painting is moderately dangerous. The fort is heavily guarded by a variety of high-level enemy mobs, including Spectral Banished Knights, Lion Guardians, Wolves, and Bladed Talon Eagles. In other words, adventurers should ensure their level and gear are appropriately prepared for the ensuing combat they might encounter.

How To Solve The Sorcerer Painting Puzzle

Elden Ring Where To Find The Greathood Sorcerer Painting Solution Map Location Guide

To find the Sorcerer Painting of Castle Sol, enter the Castle Sol Main Gate and head up the wooden scaffolding to the next floor. After going through an inner stairwell, go towards the entrance of the Church of the Eclipse. Yet, instead of entering, turn left after the stairs and climb the ladder on the wall. Continue northwest on the rampart walkway and leap over the wall at the end to get to the western section. Walk towards the direction of the Walking Mausoleum but be mindful of the ballistae that guard the paths. Turn left at the southern central tower and walk across the wooden platform to the building near the castle’s center. Descend the open ladder hatch on the rooftop to find the Sorcerer Painting in an empty study.

Next, to solve the Sorcerer Painting, leave Castle Ground, traveling southwest to the bridge leading to the Stargazer Ruins. Along the bridge sits a small extended ledge where Tarnished will find the painter’s ghost. Wait for several moments for the spirit to vanish and pick up the Greathood in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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