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    Ashwagandha. No, although it may seem, we did not come up with this name by pressing random letters. Under this particular nickname is one of the most acclaimed and popular plants in the asian alternative medicine which, little by little, is gaining Europe because of the amazing benefits that it contributes to the body.

    Generally speaking, this shrub with orange and yellow fruits that belongs to the Solanaceae group (yes, it is the tomato family) is characterized by its growth in Southeast Asian countries such as, for example , in India where he be used as a home remedy for over 2,000 years!, due to its ability to improve energy levels or strength.

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    Currently, thanks to its properties and despite its appearance, its use has become popular, becoming the latest gastronomic avant-garde. The reason is quite simple: it is a supplement with multiple benefits, but one of the most popular and requested is that helps to deal with and reduce day-to-day stress levels. A quality that it has thanks to the high level of antioxidants that it has, due to its adaptogenic properties.

    ashwagandha sleep capsules

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    Although, it should be noted, some research has dictated that it It helps to sleepimprove concentration and even promote good athletic performance! A fact that, after returning to the post-holiday routine, can be useful to face new physical challenges.

    More things in favor of ashwagandha

    In other benefits, it has also been pointed out that this plant helps and increases defenses. This is possible because, according to some studies, grass can promote the proteins responsible for immune responses. Also, some evidence suggests it helps monitor levels raised sugar in the blood, reducing them.

    And, interestingly, it could also encourage and improve memoryimproving cognitive function and speed of thought.

    On the other hand, by immersing us in the sexual field, it has been studied that it could positively interfere with the fertility of men, helping to increase testosterone levels.

    Ashwagandha: how to prepare it and how to include it in the diet


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    Well, despite the fact that the list of advantages is huge. This plant which usually to be understood in food as extra chargehas a preparation of the simplest and most varied dishes. Write, write.

    In general, it is usual to find it already prepared in capsules and its consumption is no different from that of any other supplement (although it is always necessary to carefully read the recommendations on the box), but sometimes you can take your roots. In the latter case, the usual thing is to grind it until turn it to dust and, later, add it to different dishes or drinks as if it were a spice.

    But if you’re not sure if the flavors will bind together, you can always try making a glass of moon milk, one of the culinary trends that we kept seeing on social networks a few weeks ago in powerful colors and whose main ingredient is milk (whether cow’s milk, apple ground or almond). Here we leave you some of the most popular that, depending on what they point out, it is recommended to take before going to sleep to help have a restful sleep:

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    As you can see, this recipe combines the properties of ashwagandha with other spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, honey and a little coconut oil.

    The step by step It’s quite simple: just heat the milk, mixing all the spices well, then add them to the milk while it’s still heating. Finally, you can add, before drinking it, a little honey to finish sweetening it and, voila!

    For these types of recipes, if you wish, you can choose to purchase this packet of organic ashwagandha powder from Yogi Organics.

    Organic ashwagandha powder

    Organic Yogi


    Likewise, you can also include it in some desserts or smoothies with sweet flavors like chocolate or banana.

    And if you’re more than salty, you can sprinkle on salads as if it were a spice. Even in soups or creams!

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