Verona: “Cooking on TV is not applicable in a family, but it enhances the taste for cooking”

Cook and nutritionist Marta Verona. / c7

The winner of the sixth edition of Masterchef will carry out a “showcooking” with products purchased at the Vegueta Market

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The 2022 edition of CINE+FOOD presented this Friday, at the Vegueta Market, the cuisine proposal of the
Marta Verona, winner of Masterchefexpert in healthy meals.

In addition, Verona, which is also a nutritionist, will organize this afternoon, in the Plaza de Santa Ana, a
show cooking. To do this, he bought all the necessary products for his cooking show this morning at the market. He also talked about his new book: ‘Don’t Eat Like a Zombie’.

The cook shared
three big keys to make healthy cooking also affordable, in the face of criticism that links healthy foods to expensive foods. First, it offers miracles of “food oblivion”, which are not within the reach of all budgets, such as quinoa.

In this sense, it makes
defense of local products, as they are not only inexpensive, but also help support local businesses, such as pulses and lentils. “These are superfoods that are not flashy, but in which you have to rely on traditional foods,” he says.

Secondly, Verona bet by the
“organization” as a key formula for saving on food, devoting an hour a week to making a shopping list, which must be – he added – “generic”, where concepts such as oily fish, legumes and fruit are included. As a premise, Verona encourages going to the local market with an “open mind” and asking for seasonal foods and offerings that fall under the three groups on offer.

And, finally, third key, the cook and nutritionist has made a passionate defense of markets and local shops against supermarkets, because in local shops we have the “trust” of their bosses. ”
Traders advise realistically the richest and cheapest foods,” he said. For her, the local market is a guarantee of cheap and healthy food, in its maximum gustatory splendour”.

kitchen and tv

Given the sophistication and spectacular nature of the cuisine of television programs such as TVE’s Masterchef Spain, Verona recognizes that the preparations presented in this type of content “do not apply” to a kitchen on any floor. . However, she defends that these programs bring “cooking closer to the viewer” in a very powerful way, nourish the taste for cooking and, above all, offer “cooking as a creative and leisure game”, which children also appreciate.

Space dedicated to ‘showcooking’

This 14th edition of Cine+Food concentrates its entire “food line” on the “Gastronomy and Health” concept, taken up in the
show cookingguest chefs, the organization of the KM0 market of ‘Gran Canaria Me Gusta’, international cooking workshops, aroma and coffee courses, cocktail demonstrations, the famous cheaper ‘C+F menus’, ‘canarian wine tasting master classes and the presentation of books related to the world of healthy cooking.

For this, a space has been organized dedicated to the
show cookingevery day at 6:00 p.m., in Plaza Santa Ana. Marta Verona, winner of the sixth edition of Masterchef Spain, takes over with a spectacular show between the stoves of the
show cookingon Friday, August 26, in Santa Ana. CINE+FOOD 2022 proposes to work this year with an awareness of healthy food and cooking and, therefore, begins the second day with the help of this cook, nutritionist and culinary nutrition researcher from the University Complutense of Madrid.

During her participation in the event, the guest of CINE+FOOD will promote Canarian gastronomy with a
three-pass menu with which you will demonstrate that eating, varied, rich and healthy is possible with the products of the land. Plus, as we learn to make the recipes, it will dynamically give us nutritional guidance, because there’s no better way to learn “than by doing.”

Verona will teach today how to cook mango gazpacho with shrimp skewers, grilled avocados stuffed with tuna tartar and, to finish, glasses of banoffe cake with canarian banana and coconut caramel and dates, completely healthy spectacular dishes.

As a highlight of his stay in Gran Canaria, we will be able to listen to Marta Verona, on August 26, at 7:00 p.m., in the courtyard of the emblematic Casa de Colón, presenting us with her book ‘Don’t eat like a zombie’ (HarperCollins Editorial) , which brings together 60 recipes that the author recommends to help us eat healthy without the need for diets, to acquire tools to make a good shopping list, to choose the foods to have in our refrigerator and to teach us some tricks to cook them.

Vegueta is cinema and gastronomy


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