Vegan or ‘vegan’ mayonnaise: 4 different ways to prepare it

Do you know that there are many ways to prepare vegan mayonnaise? This alternative sauce allows you to enjoy a flavor and texture similar to the traditional one, but without using ingredients of animal origin such as eggs —in other recipes it also contains milk or cheese —.

In Spain, mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces and many people choose to prepare it at home. If you follow a strict vegetarian diet or do not eat eggs due to allergies, intolerances or problems such as cholesterol, there are many recipes from vegan or a healthy, cheap, and to-die-for vegan mayonnaise.

What Differences exist between classic mayonnaise and vegan mayonnaise? It all depends on the ingredients used for the latter, although it is usually Fewer calories and fat. In any case, it is a very caloric sauce which in terms of quantity should be consumed in moderation.

Since unnatural explain the comparison: the vegan version has about 480 Kcal, while the classic has 600 Kcal, almost 20% more. Extra virgin olive oil is usually its essential ingredient, although egg yolk is more caloric than plant products that can be used as substitutes, such as soy milk, which is much lighter.

Many things you have at home are useful to you vegan mayonnaise That is vegan. Here you will find some of them, but there are surely many more.

Vegan mayonnaise with chickpea water or aquafaba

Implement vegan mayonnaise with chickpea water – one way to get the most out of the liquid from this healthy preserve – is very simple: you only need about 70 milliliters of chickpea water, 140 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Put the aquafaba in the mixing glass and beat on medium speed, patting, until the water emulsifies and looks like a white about to snow. At this point, increase the speed to maximum and add the olive oil little by little until the mixture is combined. vegan. Finally, add the lemon juice and salt.

Vegan soy milk mayonnaise

Soy milk

From the vegan recipe blog stove dance share your vegan mayonnaise recipe, which many also call lactose. To prepare it, you will need a cup of sunflower oil (250 ml), half a cup of unsweetened soy milk (125 ml), a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and about half a teaspoon of salt.

If you’re using a hand blender, you can put all the ingredients in the glass at once and put the blender on the bottom, beating on medium speed until emulsified. Then, make movements from bottom to top so that it integrates. If you have a glass blender, add all the ingredients except the oil, beat for 5 seconds and add the oil gradually until it emulsifies.

Instead of soy milk, you can use your favorite vegetable drink, such as coconut milk, almond milk, or oat milk.

vegan walnut mayonnaise


Chef Elías Marín explains in this video on his YouTube channel up to 7 ways to make vegan mayonnaise without using eggs. It offers 2 different nuts to make this healthy sauce loaded with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

You can prepare it with about 100 grams of almonds (preferably whole and peeled), 50 or 70 milliliters of water, the juice of half a lemon and possibly salt and mustard.

Let the almonds soak to hydrate them, leaving them in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, rinse them, drain them and put them in a container until they are crushed, adding the water little by little until you have your favorite texture.

With cashews, the manufacturing process dried fruit mayonnaise is the same: just substitute them for the almonds. Remember the importance of letting them soak overnight.

vegan avocado mayonnaise


This is another of the recipes of vegan mayonnaise by Elías Marín, one of the most original proposals in which this prized tropical fruit, so creamy and healthy for the body, is the protagonist, obtaining an absolutely delicious texture.

to prepare your vegan Lawyer you need the following ingredients: a very ripe avocado, 100 milliliters of olive oil, the juice of a lime and possibly coriander, or even chilli for those who like it spicy. Just beat and gradually add the oil as in the previous cases.

Olive oil can be replaced by a vegetable milk such as soy milk, since the avocado itself is a very fatty food. Of course, thanks to the oil, it is kept longer.

If you want to make flavored vegan mayonnaise, try making carrot mayonnaise That is beetroot mayonnaise. You can also add a splash of truffles, cayenne pepper, or your favorite fresh spices and herbs. By adding garlic, you will have a vegan aioliand incorporating pickles, olives or capers, a rich tartar sauce.

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