Three Easy and Foolproof Seafood Recipes You Must Try to Make at Home

Have you ever had a meal at home overnight and you didn’t know what to do? Good your trusted seafood cook in Jaén, Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque!gives you three simple ideas with which you are sure to succeed: Avocado stuffed with crab, Tartare of prawns and Fresh pasta with lobster.

GASTRONOMY-. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cooking seafood just right. Attack of fish and seafood! You will have everything ready at the right time to prepare these three delicious ideas of dishes with which you will surprise your guests. Are you ready? Well, let’s get started!

To whet your appetite: Avocado stuffed with crab

The secret to making this recipe work for you is just buying cooked king crab straight from the fish market to your doorstep. with fish and seafood ¡Al Attack!. Peel and cut a cucumber into squares. Dice a few hard-boiled eggs. In a bowl add the pink sauce, salt and pepper and mix until all the ingredients are incorporated. Cut the avocados in half and remove the core. Open the hole a little more and add some of the excess to the filling. The rest will come in handy later in the next recipe. so book it. Fill the avocado halves with the crab mixture and garnish with fresh mint. Serve and enjoy.

Prawn tartare, easy and supreme

Shrimp tartare is one of the most exquisite preparations in the kitchen. You can choose the succulent white prawns from Huelva, or the exotic red prawns or even prawns for its preparation. You can also prepare it raw or, if you are not a fan of this gastronomic modality, at a specific cooking point. The trick to obtain its optimal point for the elaboration of this charcuterie and to guarantee it, is comfortably place your order in Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque! from Jaen.

It involves cutting the prawns into small pieces and preparing them on the spot with some sort of marinade or vinaigrette. To prepare the prawn tartare we must choose a fresh product of the highest quality, brought directly from the sea to your table thanks to Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque!. The prawns should not be too small, otherwise they will spoil too much when handled, and they should not be too large either, as the plate could be coarse.

In a bowl, squeeze a lime, add a tablespoon of soy sauce, a few drops of tabasco, salt and pepper. Finely chop the spring onion and cilantro and add them to the mixture. Let the ingredients sit for the flavors to blend well. Chop a few cubes of avocado and mango and add them. We do the same with the prawns already peeled, being careful not to crush the pieces; For this, we recommend using a very sharp knife. It is necessary to stir carefully, enveloping. Bake with a cylindrical mold and decorate with Jaén EVOO (a few pearls or olive oil caviar would be ideal for this type of creation).

Fresh pasta with lobster, delicious!

With you comes the crown jewel: A main course that does not disappoint. There are two types of lobster: Galician and Canadian lobster. The Galician lobster is the tastiest and meatiest. You can find it, of course, in your trusted seafood cooker in Jaén, fish and seafood ¡Al Ataque!. You can also make this recipe with lobster. The big difference between lobster and lobster is that lobster has claws and lobster has two large antennae.

Separate the head, claws and tail from the lobster. We extract all the juice from the head by cooking the desired fresh pasta (it can be fusilli, spaghetti or whatever you prefer) with it and adding a clean spring onion. Cut the tail of the lobster (with the shell) into pieces and set aside. Chop the sun-dried tomato, garlic and chives or parsley. While we cook the fresh pasta, we put a large pan on high heat and score the tails and the claws, when they are golden we add a glass of oloroso wine. When it evaporates, add the garlic, add the pasta to the skillet when al dente with the other ingredients and sauté. Add a little cooking water and an optional teaspoon of tomato paste until it dissolves and thus gives the sauce the desired touch of consistency. We serve and serve with a spray of extra virgin olive oil from Jaén with chopped chives or parsley on top.

To top it off, be a good host by treating your guests to typical Christmas products, such as hams, cheeses, selected cold cuts, drinks, pickles, appetizers, cured meats and shortbread. Fish and Seafood ¡Al Ataque!… has everything for this Christmas!

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