Thirty students are trained from this Friday in kitchen and room server in Islantilla

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the center’s opening, about thirty students began this Friday the academic year 2022/24 in the Islantilla Hospitality Schoolthat will form over the next few months in the Kitchen and server routes.

Among the novelties presented by the new curriculum, the expansion of the training offer with the incorporation of the sommelier specialty, which was possible once the process of approving the spaces and adapting the new classrooms undertaken at the School was completed; and improving students’ professional practices. In addition, as indicated by the Council in a press release, the training program will be supplemented in the coming months by other specialized content.

In the release of the new course participated the Territorial Delegate for Employment, Business and Independent Work of the Board of Directors of Huelva, Alberto Santanaand the provincial secretary of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), Ricardo Panzuela, who were accompanied by the deputy mayor of the town hall of Lepe, Adolfo Verano.

The delegate pointed out that “this year, The Islantilla Hotel School celebrates its 25th anniversary trajectory, successes in training in professional integration, a considerable time, to be noted because it brings together many years of success, excellence and quality of training in so many courses taught, inter-institutional collaboration, business with hospitality and catering sector on the west coast”. “With the completion of the two training courses for the 2021/22 academic year -he continued- up to 16 promotions of hospitality professionals and catering have completed their training, making the center a benchmark for hospitality professionals”.

He also clarified that “now 15 students begin their training in the kitchen route, being the first year with a certificate of Level I of basic kitchen operations (i.e. 350 hours) which includes a basic pastry preparation module of 120 hours of training and a pastry products module of 180 hours. For the second year, which is a novelty compared to previous years, students will be able to obtain the level II certificate of cuisine which reaches 810 hours of teaching”.

The rest of the students who participate in the Room Itinerary will only stay at the center for one year. This training consists of a certificate of NLevel I Basic Restaurant and Bar Operations, 290 hours and a Level II Certificate in Food Services with 580 hours of training. Each certificate of professionalism carries its professional internship module of 80 hours in a company.

Improvements in professional practices

In addition to the news announced, the Islantilla School of Hospitality presents Substantial improvements in professional practiceswhich, in addition to having the participation of about fifteen companies and hotels in the region, where each year the students carry out their professional internships, according to the delegate, “the students, once they have passed their first year of training at the School, they will be able to carry out internships in the restaurant, closed to the public during these years, for which we work from the SAE of Huelva and be able to reopen it with an excellent service to the public who wants to know the level that our students achieve in their learning process”.

“Behind the reopening -he continues- there is a lot of work and effort that involves us in the specialization of the content that students receive, with the incorporation of specific training and new professionals, thus expanding our views to improve the training qualitythe pedagogical processes and our interest in showing the public the high level that the students acquire with the training they receive here, news that pleases us and makes us work even more with the pedagogical team, the management of the center, the Service Training for Employment of the territorial delegation and the central services of the SAE”.

The SAE succeeded in registering the hotel school of Islantilla with its own identification before the National Agency of the State Service for the Internationalization of Education -SEPIE-. To materialize two pioneering projects of a collaborative nature between administrations and companies that will lead to the opening of professional practices in the hotel and restaurant sector for students and teachers of the Islantilla School.

In this sense, the students of the School will be able to take part in two Erasmus+ projects. The first of them, Gastronomic Employment Bridges to Portugal, will allow the mobility of 4 students for professional practices in the Portuguese Algarve and the second, Connected Gastronomy, will extend the framework of collaboration to Italian Lombardy, through the Institute professional Crotto Caurga; Cyprus, via Xavia Cyprus-Nicosia and Tertúlia Algarvia, partner of Faro, in Portugal.

At the same time, for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the School, the SAE of Huelva is working on a program of activities among which the publication of a collection of recipes stands outthematic exhibitions, business meetings, alumni meetings, planning of gastronomic events, workshops and live demonstrations or the organization of visits by associations and groups to bring together sense and reason to be didactic of the school of Huelva as a whole.


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