The Victorian anchovy is paired with the Cantabrian anchovy

The victorian anchovies and the Cantabrian anchovies played this Saturday the gastronomic pairing between Malaga Yes Santona as two emblematic products of the gastronomy of their respective regions at the international level.

It is an act undertaken by the Diputación de Málaga, through its promotional brand Taste of Malaga, which took place in Santoña, the cradle of salted anchovies. The Juan de la Cosa hotel on Berria beach was the scene of an act in which the president of the provincial council of Malaga and mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, and the mayor of Santoña, Sergio Abascal.

It also had the presence of representatives of the Academy of Gastronomy of Cantabria; the different gastronomic brotherhoods of the region (Brotherhood of Cantabrian Anchovies, Puff Pastry, Stews, Nécora, Bonito del Norte de Colindres, Cheese and Island Pepper); the Diploma in Gastronomy from the European University of the Atlantic; the Association of Cooks; of the Association of Someliers of Cantabria and hotel schools, as well as chefs and journalists specializing in gastronomy.

Francisco Salado highlighted “the great potential of anchovies and anchovies for their respective destinations”, and also impacted on the links that unite these two products in the gastronomy of the Costa del Sol and Santoña, Santander and Cantabria, where Sabor a Málaga has already made several gastronomic proposals before.

“We are destinations that look at the sea as a source of wealth”, stressed the president, who recalled that the province of Malaga “has been working for years on what is now called blue economy“. “Water, the sea, is a source of life, a source of income and wealth and we work very hard to generate resources through all that the 175 kilometers of coastline that we have in the province offer us. “, he pointed out.

Therefore, the Malaga brand continues its promotional work in Cantabria with a twinning action that, in the words of Salado, “supports everything that unites us despite the geographical distance, and contributes to representative figures such as the brotherhoods that accompanying them today feel the support of the institutions”.

During the event, which was presented by journalist and member of the Cantabrian Academy of Gastronomy Cristina Solar, experts from both regions presented the two products with their stories, origins, properties and gastronomic uses .

For their part, the chefs Ignacio Carmona (gastronomic adviser of Sabor a Málaga) and Álvaro Saura (chef of the Liceo Playa restaurant) offered two showcooking sessions to show the wide variety of recipes, both popular and innovative, that can be prepared with anchovies. from Malaga, such as the anchovy dumpling in pintaroja stew or the anchovy stew, among other examples.

The President of the Provincial Council underlined the importance of gastronomy for a destination. “Some destinations offer the mountains, others the sea, others culture, others leisure, but what everyone does when they go on vacation is eat,” he said. .

The President also highlighted anchovies and anchovies as part of the gastronomic traditions of both regions and recalled that, “As in Cantabria, dozens of traditional festivals around gastronomy are also celebrated in the province of Malaga“, and that the Victorian anchovy has its own popular celebration. “Fixing traditions, giving a dignified future, is what will allow our brands to endure,” he added.


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