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At number eight Carrera de San Jerónimo de Madrid rises majestically Lhardy. A true icon of Madrid gastronomy, which currently continues to make history with a renewed gastronomic proposal, which revolves around three pillars: the recovery of classic recipes, seasonality and exceptional raw materials.

In the new era of Lhardy, managed by Pescaderías Coruñesas, there is also a new liquid menu, in which we find more than two hundred national and international wine references and a wide variety of exquisite champagnes. A magnificent cellar that delights us with magnificent pairings that culminate the gastronomic experience in Lhardy.

With Lhardy’s new culinary proposal, which encompasses much more than its famous stewthey delight us novelties with which the restaurant highlights its best version through exceptional raw materials which constitute the starting point of the resounding dishes that make up its gastronomic proposal.


In constant search for excellence, at Lhardy we take maximum care of these little details that make the difference. Fearsome products that reach their peak in the company of the fabulous wines that make up their neat liquid menu and that you can savor to the full. assisted by his wonderful team who always make us feel at home.

A beautiful and elegant restaurant, which keeps its classic and sophisticated personality intact. An authentic living museum of the history of Madrid. Between old kitchen utensils and precious silver cutlery, eating at Lhardy is like entering an unforgettable journey through time. With more than one hundred and eighty years of history behind it, Lhardy is an icon of Madrid gastronomy. A must for lovers of good food who will see their expectations far exceeded.

During our visit to Lhardy, we started by enjoying a delicious starter of crudités with chickpea humus and paprika de la vera, and a seductive consommé served from an elegant silver samovar. A magnificent start, which gave way to a few wonderful Bouchot mussels with lemongrass marinara sauce which are a real delight. Small, but super tasty and with a terrific sauce that makes us want to dip, they led us to delicious Fried cuttlefish from Palamós de Pescaderías Coruñesas which it is almost impossible to go wrong.


The pie which we tried next is an absolute delight and led us to a a delicious beef sirloin tartare with crispy toast that complements it perfectly. Before moving on to dessert, we also tried the Oxtail with Robuchon mash. Delicate, seductive and gourmet, it led us to the famous Lhardy soufflé. An irresistible temptation for gourmands. A soft light, elegant and sublime which left us a wonderful memory of our evening in this icon of Madrid gastronomy.

Lhardy, an elegant and romantic restaurant, which exudes magic in every corner of its rooms, taking us into the history of Madrid while savoring its careful selection of delicious dishes. A timeless concept that never disappoints and solemnly represents us inside and outside our borders. Lhardy, a solemn piece of Madrid’s gastronomic history, of course.



Address: Carrera de San Jeronimo, 8

28014 Madrid

Reservations: 915 21 33 85


Average price: €80

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