The guide with the municipalities of Alicante and their best gastronomic proposals

Alicante is one of the great gastronomic powers of the Mediterraneanas evidenced by its agricultural production, its classic table and its great modern cuisine”. This is how Joan Roca resoundingly opens the fourth edition of the guide Gastronomic destinations in the province of Alicante. About twenty municipalities are included in this report of their best culinary proposals.

The prologue of one of the best chefs in the world highlights the values ​​of the province. And the one that stops the most is that “Alicante is known worldwide for being the land of sweet cuisinewhere chocolate and nougat stand out”. And yet, he adds, he lists other attractions that interest him and that “richly remind me
of countryside and sea, with the one we have in Girona and on the Costa Brava”.

Carlos Corredor, responsible for this project, explains in his presentation that the objective is to promote it both for those who approach him for the first time as “veterans of Earth what do you want discover new places and innovative ways to prepare our products“.

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This is what happens twenty municipalities. A list that includes Alicante, Alcoi, Altea, Almoradí, Aspe, Benidorm, Callosa de Segura, Cocentaina, Dénia, El Campello, Elche, Ibi, Novelda, Onil, Orihuela, Planes, Relleu, Santa Pola, Torrevieja, Vila Joiosa, Xixona and Villena.

The key, according to Corredor, for the province to rise on the national and European scene for its gastronomy is that “in Alicante we eat very well because
it cooks very well“. And for this reason, I particularly appreciate those who are behind the kitchen and accumulate recognitions that “have made us a creative gastronomic capital with signature cuisine at the forefront of the world without forgetting traditional cuisine”.

In each of the cards he presents about these cities, first indicate their other attractions on the table. From the festivities in the case of the oldest Cavalcade of the Kings of Spain, of which Alcoy can boast, to the visit to the flowering almond trees that the fields of Xixona can offer.

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Alicante leads the way with what it considers “the main protagonist of the gastronomy of our city”, the rice. The “large number of layoffs that we
make it possible to offer multiple and varied recipes” is well known with the different activities that take place around the brand Alicante, city of rice.

Every stop in these cities it offers typical recipes that it proposes to portray a varied landscape of flavors. The borreta and the jar alcoyana are followed by the promotion of the artichoke that takes place in Almoradí or the putxero amb drivers of Altea.

The attachment to tradition mentioned by Corredor is a constant in the presentation made by each locality. Whether to discover or to claim, the dishes mentioned therein are valued as examples of the distinctive character of each place. “At Aspe, we understand that it is essential to maintain the attachment to traditiona reality that is not at all contrary to innovation in the field of cooking”, they sum up.

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And to consult it? Those who want it in paper format can find it free of charge in the tourist offices of the province, where 50,000 copies have been distributed. For those who prefer to have it digitally, it can be viewed at gastronomic guides.


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