The five cooking recipes that made Carlos Herrera fall in love: “Inimitable” – Herrera in COPE

The months of July and August are an excellent opportunity to remember the best moments that the ‘Herrera en COPE’ season has left us. On this occasion, taking advantage of the fact that many enjoy their holidays and can go on a trip, we offer you five recipes that Carlos Herrera falls in love with and the places where you can taste them.

The communicator is a lover of good food. For this reason, he recommends establishments and dishes from all over the Spanish geography, both on his social networks and in ‘Herrera en COPE’. On Instagram, Herrera published 5 typical Spanish dishes that are very easy to prepare and are a real delight. You can’t miss it!

The independent analyst, Juan Ignacio Crespo, responds in ‘Herrera en COPE’ to the doubts of the auditors about the current economic situation

1. Morena Chips: “Incomparable”

Herrera already writes it in the post that accompanies this gastronomic delight: “incomparable“. These are the brown crisps, which have become a perfect talisman that attracts local and foreign visitors to the Canary Islands.


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