The essence of Brazil extends to O Burgo with a brewery

The Restaurant Tropicaña in La Coruña (Francisco Catoira, 38 years old), which celebrates its five years of success in the city this year, completed its long-awaited expansion this summer (the restaurant was too small for them) with the inauguration of a brewery at the end of July (Avenida de Galicia, 26 bajo) of the same name where all kinds of Brazilian meat specialties. The star, as in his first restaurant, and which serves as a presentation of the place is the picana, so much in demand that they are consumed every week up to 40 kg of this product.


The premises managers They arrived in the community 14 years ago and they are Brazilian Caroline Souza and her husband Leonardo, whose business has a family essence since on weekends their 18-year-old son gives them a hand, while another Brazilian couple is part of the team. The specialties most in demand are the meats of straight from Brazil and rare in Galicia like the beef bump, which is served on a tile with fried yucca as a garnish and cooked for 40 hours in a slow cooker for the meat to melt. The final touch is brought by pouring the meat itself on the preparation.


Other varieties of the letter are the feijoada (a spoon dish made with black beans and smoked pork salty with a touch of firewood) accompanied by local products as a starter such as octopus, squid or scallops, in addition to other options such as nachos with guacamole or pieces of meatloaf. This great variety is due to the fact that the owners want a fusion of international recipes.

Wild fish and homemade desserts

The low temperature beef rib It is another of the most striking dishes on the menu, slow infusion for 30 hours and which is served grilled to obtain an original touch of wood and It is served with fried yucca or with a delicious cream of yucca. The beef bump It is one of the great innovations, which is served as a tile and with the juice of the meat in which it is cooked at low temperature on top. “Very powerful and unctuous at the same time”, specifies the owner of the Tropicaña. The cow steak grilled are another option.


Fish is also part of the menu and the Tropicaña has wild fish on request but also sea bass, sea bream or croaker. The latter is one of the most special dishes of the restaurant because it is a variety that is difficult to find and It is served with coconut milk and vegetables, all cooked in a pot that is brought directly to the table to steam. “Nail very indigenous food seasoned with a cream of yucca flour that people usually like and that is impactful,” explain the officials.


The sweet touch is provided by the varied homemade cakes of Brazilian specialties such as traditional homemade chocolate truffle from Brazil, Besides the Passion fruit mousse or the acai, que “se come de manera diferente en el sur de Brasil, donde se le añaden aderezos como leche condensada o en polvo, que en el norte”, detallan, a la vez que añaden que también se suele servi en una cazuela con fruta y condensed milk. The condensed milk flan (replacing egg) or roasted pineapple are other typical sweets, especially the latter after eating, because “it helps digest and eliminate fat from food,” says Souza.

Varied cocktails and gastronomic days

The Tropicaña’s range of cocktails is another of its attractions and, in addition to thes caipirinha or classic caipiroska, they make tropical juices “from all the fruits imaginable”, many of them exclusive to Brazil. In turn, the reception of this new Tropicaña proposal has been very good, “with loyal customers and new people who go, try and recommend” and many weekends have already been sold out.


The price of quality It’s 12-15 euros per person and the new premises have 17 indoor tables, as well as a glazed terrace and an outdoor area. for the summer season. The hours from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Likewise, due to the success of the Brazilian gastronomic days carried out in the restaurant in La Coruña with “incredible acceptance”, according to the owners.

These will be reproduced in the coming months in O Burgo to “introduce little by little the most typical Brazilian specialties to the palate and demonstrate that Brazilian cuisine is more than typical”, proudly conclude Caroline and Leonardo, who expect a promising future in this new place.

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