The diet followed by Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-lived monarch in UK history

Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at the age of 96, has always shown great physical strength. Days before his death, he was still playing in official acts at Balmoral Castle, such as the appointment of politician Liz Truss, who last week became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after receiving the official commission from the monarch.

During this meeting, some images were made public in which the most fragile queen was seen and, in particular, the purple tone of her hands attracted attention. Although the monarch limited her appearances for a while due to her health condition, that did not stop her from becoming the oldest queen in UK history, thanks to her healthy habits. .

Elizabeth II loved spending time outdoors with her dogs or on horseback, the fresh air would surely have helped boost her immune system which kept her energetic and active throughout her 70 year reign. His enviable genetics, remember that his mother Isabel Bowes-Lyon has reached 101 years old, in addition to a healthy diet (but not without some sweets and some liquors) could also contribute to his birthday with such enviable health.

The chocolate cake, one of the weak points of Queen Elizabeth II

darren mcgrady

Darren MacGrady, former head of the British royal household, revealed a few years ago for the magazine Hello!, who These were the eating habits of the monarch, in addition to her favorite dishes that were prepared at the palace: French and English cuisine, basically.

The chef recounted how the Queen picked menus, crossing off those she didn’t want and even suggesting others in the cookbook they sent her each week. The monarch was interested in deciding her diet, choosing the dishes that best suited her diet, as well as those that she liked the most.

Queen Elizabeth II’s breakfasts

The Queen started her day with Earl Gray tea, the popular English black tea flavored with bergamot oil, without milk or sugar, and some biscuits that she had in the company of her Corgis.

Then he ate the main breakfast in his private dining room at Buckingham Palace, this time preferring cereal, yoghurt, toast or jam (the bitter Seville orange was one of his favourites) .

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He also loved fish for breakfast and had a thing for kippers, which he used to eat with his sister, Princess Margaret, when they were at Windsor Castle during the war years. He loved them on all occasions, also for lunch and dinner.

Queen Elizabeth II luncheon

A meal based on fish, vegetables and few carbohydrates

The queen used to have a simple lunch, often a plate of fish with vegetables. Usually he ate Doven Sole on a bed of spinach.

When she ate lunch alone, she avoided starchy foods like pasta and potatoes, probably to feel lighter.

Her favorite moment, tea time

Tea time was one of her favorite times of the day and she didn’t skip it for the world. He drank tea the traditional way (either Earl Gray or Assam), with whole tea leaves in a teapot which he poured into a fine china teacup. accompanied by his Cup of tea with sandwiches and scones, a typical English round roll. She also loved chocolate chip cookie cake and gingerbread cake, and her favorite sandwiches included cucumber, egg, and salmon.

Queen Elizabeth II’s energetic dinner

Isabella II’s tastes for dinner were varied, meat or fish with vegetables was her main choice. He loved game meat, especially venison served with whiskey mushroom sauce.

As a starter, the Gleneagles pâté made with smoked salmon, trout and mackerel was one of his favorite specialties. If there were ingredients from the Balmoral estate, he preferred them to others, such as salmon from the River Dee.

For dessert, he was particularly fond of strawberries from Balmoral and peaches grown at Windsor Castle. Although his biggest weakness has always been chocolate and, more specifically, the chocolate cake they baked for him at the palace.

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