The best microwaves in terms of quality and price to prepare recipes in minutes

A microwave is a practically indispensable appliance Today. Because of all the possibilities it offers in terms of cooking and the time saving it offers, it is rare not to find a hole in the kitchen for a microwave. On the other hand, today’s microwaves are not like those of years ago, as they are gaining in functionality and being able to do more and more things.

While a few years ago microwaves were only used to heat food, the truth is that today they perform a large number of tasks. We are not only talking about defrosting food, but they also have special features that allow you allow you to prepare and cook all kinds of dishesSome even have an oven function.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a microwave is where you are going to put it. It is important that you consider space, because the more space you have, the more you can choose a microwave with a larger aptitudei.e. a bigger one.

On the other hand, you always have the possibility of choosing a built-in microwave whether you want to build it into a kitchen cabinet or choose a table microwavei.e. one that you would place anywhere.

We advise you to take measurements in advance to find the best space where to put the microwave and place it in an easily accessible place. This implies being able to open the door well and being able to clean its interior well.

As with virtually any other device, capacity is an important factor. Referring to the previous section, the more space you have, the more possibility you have of choosing a microwave with a larger capacity, however, chances are you will not want or have one. need either.

The capacity of the microwave is measured in liters and this capacity varies from 17 to 40 liters depending on the microwave in question. Depending on how many people you are at home, capacity will be an important aspect. In this case, we are not just talking about the amount of food the microwave can cook, but the dish size.

You may want a microwave for yourself, but if you want to make a large diameter pizza, the size of the microwave will limit you. Usually the most chosen options for an average family are between 17 and 25 litersbut that’s already a matter of taste.

Another aspect to consider is power. The most conventional microwaves generally have a power that goes from 700 watts to 1000 watts depending on model. The more powerful the microwave, the faster you can cook. When a microwave has a grill and is convection, it usually has a power of at least 1400 watts. Depending on what you need, you may be interested in more or less power. East power is also related to energy expenditure. We recommend that you consult the energy label of the microwave to find out its cost and efficiency.

Finally, it is important to know what is expected of the microwave and, of course, to know the functions it has. In Among the most basic functions are heating and defrosting or browning and gratin. If you choose a more advanced model, it probably has an oven or pastry function, as well as different cooking modes.

Some microwave ovens have special modes for preparing certain types of food, for example pizza. There is also defrost modes bread or to prepare a good meat dish. All these modes will be useful to you depending on what you want to cook with the microwave. Now let’s take a look at some of the best models from Amazon.

Candy X-Series CMXG20DW

This Candy X-Range CMXG20DW is a microwave that has 1050W of power and which stands out for its great Quick to reheat and defrost. It is a simple to use model that works by pressing a button, has child safety and, in addition, one of its most interesting aspects is that it has 40 automatic programs to prepare all kinds of dishes. Their the capacity is 20 liters.

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Microwave Cecotec ProClean 5110

The Cecotec Microwave ProClean 5110 microwave is a microwave that has 20 liter capacity and careful design. It features 3DWave technology to create an efficient wave system that envelops food, heating it much more evenly. This model has a Power 700W and one Grill 800W and he has 8 preset programs to prepare meals.

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SAMSUNG GE83X microwave with grill

Samsung is also a very big brand when it comes to microwaves. The good proof is this SAMSUNG GE83X, a microwave of 23 liter capacity with 800 W of power adjustable in 6 different levels. This microwave stands out mainly for its design, thanks to its enamelled ceramic interior, it is very easy to clean and does not absorb odors or flavors. It has a led panel through which different functions can be accessed.

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Finally, the LG MH6535GIB is a microwave model with 25 liter capacity Yes 1450W of power when combination microwave and grill. He has exclusive Smart Inverter technology for even cooking, heating and thawing for best results. Moreover, it is also programmed with several options to offer all kinds of varied menus. It also stands out for its compact size despite its 25-litre capacity.

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