The 5 most curious TikTok cooking hacks that will make your life easier

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It’s been a while since ICT Tac You don’t just see videos of people dancing. But what you may not know is that there are other types of videos that are becoming increasingly popular on the famous social network.

These are the typical short TikTok videos where people give us very practical advice. In this case, we refer to the most curious kitchen tricks. These go beyond typical recommendations on what to eat or healthy recipes.

On TikTok, there are many people who have practiced enough that we can save time in the kitchen. In their videos they show us how we can do it in a simple way.

Look at these Curious kitchen hacks that make your life easier on TikTok:

Drain the pasta without removing it from the pan

If you are one of those people who they stain everything every time you cook pasta, check out this TikTok video. You will see a perfect trick to drain the pasta without removing it from the pot. so you avoid wasting time Pass the pasta through a sieve and return it to the pan where you cooked it.

The danger of getting everything wet and throwing the pasta does not exist with this curious technique. you just need a colander of the same diameter as the pot of the kitchen

@keltonflinders You’re draining your pasta badly. #tiktokhack, #howto, #foodhacks, #foodlover, #foodie, #snackbreak♬ This is Amore – Dean Martin

easy mango cut

Who has no difficulty when it comes to peel and slice a mango? Things get complicated, especially when this fruit is ripe.

But, with this TikTok cooking hack, you won’t have that problem anymore. look for it sharpest knife that you have at home and enjoy the well-peeled and cut mango.

@lenagryszko Wiesz jak obierać mango? 😊 / How to peel mango 💪 #howto#mango#owoc#cookinghacks#imanexpert♬ PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) (Long version) – PIKOTARO

Cut several tomatoes at once

If you like them Cherry tomatoes but you get bored of having to cut them one by one for your salads, don’t worry. In TikTok there are those who have designed a simple gadget to cut all tomatoes at once.

you just need a pair of plastic caps and a knife that cuts well. Your manual dexterity will do the rest.

This technique is a perfect way to save time in the kitchen. Of course, you will need practice to get the best results. What are you waiting for?

@feelgoodfoodie How to halve a bunch of cherry tomatoes in seconds – perfect for salads #kitchenips#learnfromme#howtos#cookinghacks♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

homemade whipping sticks

We already know that beating with a simple fork is not the same as with a few chopsticks. The second option is more comfortable and faster.

But what do you think if I tell you that a pair of forks can achieve the same result as rods? Check out this TikTok cooking hack and you will be convinced.

It is true that it will always be preferable to beat with real canes. But this thing of the two forks can get you out of trouble when you don’t have one on hand.

@coffeemaster97 Works like a charm 🙌 #cookinghacks#whisk#bakinghack#kitchenutensils#utensils#cookingtips#onmyown#bakingtips#lifehacks♬ Let’s do it again – J Boog

Cook without food sticking

There’s nothing more infuriating than cooking in a sticky pan. Surely more than once you had to redo an omelet or a grilled egg because it stuck and broke you.

With this simple cooking hack from TikTok you will save time. Because you won’t have to repeat your elaborations. And you won’t have to spend hours scraping the pan to remove food debris stuck to it, either.

@cocinaparasoltero PREVENTS FOOD FROM STICKING IN A POT #COCINA#cocinando#cocinatips#lifehacks#cuisinetrucos#aprendeentiktok#trucos#consejos♬ original sound – cocinaparasolterosmx

If you want to see more tips to make life easier in the kitchen, look at this. Here’s a trick for making lemon juice without a juicer. And a trick so that the oil does not jump out when frying. Try them!

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