Sandwich diet to lose 2 pounds fast

Bread has always been a “hated” food when it comes to weight loss. In fact, it is the first thing that we refrain from consuming to lose those extra pounds. What if you didn’t have to give it up?

This is the proposal that nutritionist Terica Uriol makes with her sandwich diet. The nutritionist explains that bread isn’t fattening, but the fats and accompaniments we usually include in sandwiches are. The main focus of his diet, as stated on his website, is learn to eat stop growing take the necessary amount of carbohydrates, reduce fat intake and eat the right amount of protein. With this diet you can lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks.


How is the sandwich diet?

To carry out the sandwich diet, the first thing to take into account is to prioritize the consumption of wholemeal bread, as it is more satiating and provides a large amount of fiber to the body.

The basis of this diet is to eat a sandwich for lunch, but if this seems monotonous to you, you can change it for 2 days for a plate of rice or pasta. As we indicated, this nutritionist is based on the fact that what makes us fat is generally what we add to the sandwich. Therefore, the ingredients you can include in your sandwiches (or rice and pasta dishes) are: low-fat vegetables, fruits and proteins. In the case of meat, it is best to opt for lean meat.

sandwich diet for weight loss

sandwich diet for weight loss

Bread isn’t fattening, but the fats and accompaniments we usually include in sandwiches are.

But eating a sandwich does not mean finishing the whole loaf of bread, ideally it should be about 15 centimeters.

At dinner time, it is better to opt for lighter dishes and, if possible, to limit the consumption of carbohydrates. Here are some ideas for light and delicious dinners so as not to complicate your life.

One of the most positive aspects of this diet is that it is quite flexible since you can swap out a meal for a dinner, depending on your needs.

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What do you eat on the sandwich diet?

In the sandwich diet, we can divide the foods that can be eaten into several groups:

  • Free consumption food (can be consumed throughout the day and in the amount you want). These foods include: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, spring onions, pickles, asparagus, celery, hearts of palm, mushrooms, capers, garlic shoots, peppers, leeks, endives, mushrooms, lemons, kiwis, salt , vinegars, spices, condiments, garlic, parsley, cooking wine, sweets and sugar-free chewing gum, herbal teas, coffee, sweeteners…
  • Food not free. It is a series of foods that can be eaten to be divided between desserts, breakfasts and snacks between meals, but without exceeding the recommended maximum. This list is personalized for each patient.
  • Food prohibited. These are the ones that cannot be eaten. In general, these are all foods with a high fat content: oils, butter, margarine or cream (no sauces with oils either), sugar, pastries, nuts, sausages, red meats and fatty fish.

Another of the recommendations of this diet is that the dairy products consumed be skimmed.

How many calories does bread contain?

What if I ate a snack every day?

It’s good to eat a snack every day. This diet is based on the nutritional pyramid itself in which carbohydrates, which constitute the base of the pyramid, must represent 60% of what we consume daily. Fruits and vegetables represent 30% and proteins and fats the remaining 10%.

What this nutritionist wants us to see is that it is possible to eat bread and lose weight.

What if I eat a snack in the evening?

If you eat a sandwich for dinner, there is no negative effect. In fact, as we explained earlier, the order of lunch and dinner can be changed. The only recommendation is that if you are going to have a sandwich for dinner, it must be made with light ingredients, so as not to have a very heavy digestion. Here are some easy-to-make sandwich recipe ideas.

One day menu sandwich diet

  • Breakfast: Skimmed milk coffee/tea or herbal tea + whole wheat turkey toast
  • Mid-morning: piece of fruit
  • Food: Whole wheat sandwich with boiled egg, arugula and turkey ham
  • To taste: fat-free yogurt
  • Having dinner: Vegetable puree + Lemon baked hake



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