“Pekadito by Chef Amadeo” in Gandia, a cuisine that fascinates


In the TASTA DIÀNIA series, establishments and chefs in the Diània region who engage in indigenous cuisine based on local products are explored, while learning about agricultural producers and artisan processors. In addition, the gastronomy is thoughtful and the traditional recipes of our region are disseminated.

Being on vacation for a few days in Gandia with my partner, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the restaurant that chef Amadeo Faus and Andrés D’Ocampo opened. The cook and the bartender decided to open the restaurant-lounge about three weeks ago. It is located in the historic Plaza del Prado, in the heart of Gandia. I wish you all the happiness in the world because I know Amadeo and I love his cooking.

What I appreciate when I go to dine in a restaurant is the decoration they have. Pekadito, tastefully decorated by Chescacs, is elegant on the outside, on the terrace there are high tables and stools, a space that invites you to have a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere and the night. It did not go unnoticed that there was a dark pink candle lit on all the tables, a detail that I really liked. Inside, it’s cute and very cozy. All the details are taken care of. On entering, just to the left, there is a small room with two sofas and some small tables, it seemed to me a charming and intimate place, specially designed to have the first drink there and enjoy a good conversation before to start with dinner.

The dining room is decorated with paintings by Toni Durà, which attract attention because they are different. There are natural plants everywhere, something that gives life. And, in the last part of the dining room, there is a corner that I found super nice. Here is a photo that speaks for itself. I’m sure I’ll book this table to come with my group of friends and have a great evening.

I thought it was very creative for a restaurant to achieve, through decoration and details, a space that combines the feeling of being at home with that of dining out.

We chose the cava for dinner and some dishes from the menu which appealed to us.

We started with Guillardó oysters which were very good.

The cava, very fresh.

Corvina ceviche. There are different nuances that make the palate fall in love. Sea bass meat is so tender it melts in your mouth. A pleasant citrus flavor explodes, due to the lime. It contrasts particularly well with the crispy red onion.

One thing that definitely defines me is that I’m a big kibble lover. How could it be otherwise, all the ones they offer us on the menu are homemade and among all of them we chose to try the pumpkin croquettes. I had never tried them before and they particularly caught my attention. With an excellent dough that made the beginning of each bite crispy to find just a second later a semi-solid cream with a sweet pumpkin flavor, not at all intrusive. I love creamy croquettes, and this one was very creamy

A cover that surprised me! Hake cocotxa. I really wouldn’t know how to describe this combination of flavors and textures. First I tried the spring garlic with its oil, which, without exaggerating, I must say they were amazing. And something tells me that if they are so good, it’s because of the edge that gives them the final flambé during cooking. The fish is tender, at its perfect point. But the best snack is, without a doubt, when you combine spring garlic, cocotxa and a piece of toast. A pleasure difficult to describe, a wonderful combination. For me the star cover.

Entrecôte cut to perfection with potatoes. At the first bite, I closed my eyes. And when you get a piece of meat that has some fat in it…that’s heaven. The potatoes have a flavor that I don’t normally find in potatoes from other places, of varying sizes, something that tells us they are natural chef cut potatoes. The smallest super crispy. Although they didn’t need to come with a sauce, I was missing a good homemade sauce to pair them with.

In a good dinner, there is always a dessert. One of my favorite desserts is cheesecake, so I had to try it. At the top it reminds of a flan, a detail that transported me to my childhood, I remembered the flans that my grandmother made when we went to visit her. It has a creamy texture and intense cheesy flavor, and it goes particularly well with blueberry jam, which is very sweet.

I like the portions of the desserts to be a good size, to be able to share them and enjoy them for two, and this one seems a little small to me. But focusing on what’s important is different from others and that’s fine.

Finally, we ate a Bloody Mary and a Margarita on the terrace. Spectacular.

And since it was so cozy, with the cool air flowing through the square at night, we decided to share a very refreshing mojito, one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


-Address: Plaza del Prado, 13, Gandia

-Telephone: 622 70 47 52

-The Web: www.chefamadeo.com

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