Paula Monreal, the woman who revolutionized Instagram with @Paufeel: “A perfect recipe only contains between three and five ingredients”

Paula Montreal (@Paufel)the woman who conquered the social networks With its simple and healthy recipes, it’s a restless spirit that can’t stop. “They’ll give you the prize for being first,” jokes Miguel, her husband. So far, his trophy has come in the form of followers, over 540,000 in instagram in just two years. Something he never would have imagined the day he walked into the kitchen. He did it in August 2020, as a hobby, during the pandemic, although he always thought there was a market there. “Since I had time, I took a master digital marketing. And when I finished it, I started,” he recalls.

His intention then was to obtain 10,000 followersbut his dishes “with some Ingredientsthe ones you usually have in the fridge,” he says, they snagged 50,000 in just a few months. He still finds it hard to believe. This turned out to be one of his many Projects, but it seems to be final. Paula studied Tourism, although he soon realized it wasn’t his thing and he didn’t finish the race. In their place came all sorts of jobs: in a lawyersin Telefnica, in Zara…, also some Company owns, with his sister, one for the organization of events and another for the sale of digital clothing. “Have a fashion blog and we worked with influencers. We were doing very well, we spent three years with it, but to move forward we had to open a shop physical, and I did not see it clearly”. I left it, but this experience is the basis of what is now @paufeel. “I got rid of the clothes, part of the gift, but I kept the runrn. I was good for it.”

We talk to her first thing in the morning, just before she leaves for the market to buy asparagus trigueros, the ingredient of prescription ready in just a few hours. “I brush them with garlic, paprika and salt and put them whole in the oven or in the fryer without oil for three minutes. Then I cover them with mayonnaise and cheese and the gratin. he. Today is the time to do the purchasebut often the inspiration It just comes when you open the fridge and see what it contains; “The recipes for use are fantastic, they are the art of cooking,” he says.

And where does so much art come from? “I always say that I am apprentice of everything and teacher You’re welcome. Cooking has been my passion since I was a child, my first memory is croquettes of my grandmother.” But I would never have thought that she would devote herself professionally to to cook nor that he would feed him so well.

cook out of necessity

Paula Montreal, Youngest of four brothers, she quickly throws herself into the kitchen. Necessity obliges: I was born in Madridbut I grew up in a small town in Bowl and from Monday to Friday he remained in the city with his brothers to to study. “We arrived on Sunday loaded with Tupperware of my mother, but it was always inevitable that we had to to cook a minimum When I was ten or eleven, I was already making my own food,” he recalls. “I have it inside, I have facilitate. I see a restaurant plate and I am able to play itAs long as we’re not talking about Michelin stars… Don’t make me spherify,” he jokes, laughing.

You have now found your niche business in the prescriptions for everyday use, with few ingredients – “The fewer the better; a perfect recipe contains between three and five, and you have them at home” – without gluten and without sugar. And not by chance; he only cooks, he says, what he can eat. “Everything I do, I eat and I’m super greedy. I have always led a very fury, with a lot of sport, and although I have never had a serious illness, viruses that have passed, viruses that have caught themselves. So I had genetic tests done in Holland to see why. They concluded that he suffered from a severe gluten allergy. Since I don’t take it immune system He’s been reinforced, no colds or anything. I have blind faith in the influence of food because I have experienced it myself.

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Of flan and torreznos

No one is bitter about a gentleand to her, who dies for a pudding -“I always ask for it in all restaurants, whatever it is”-, either. For this reason, he sweetens his dishes in a natural way, using fruits like the date “If you mash it with water you get a wonderful sweetener. I can’t stand the taste of steviaif the fruit is not enough I add erythritolI don’t like any other sweetener. Is this your only “sin”? torreznosbut I only take it occasionally.”

In any case, it’s more than cooking dirty. “I’m better at it. If there’s anything that stands up to me, it’s the biscuits; there’s no way, when i start doing them, they end up being muffins“. And among its best ingredients, vegetables. “My star recipe is a fillet of cauliflower Gratin. It’s a Recipebrutal, even those who hate this cabbage love it. Committed to admitting it, what do I know of what I will never find in your kitchen, apart from gluten and refined sugar? sunflower oil. I don’t understand why it is used for Mayonnaise when with the olive Turns out you’re dying of wealth. Neither processed foods nor cansWith one exception, the Meatballs. “My husband loves them, although they disgust me a lot.”

A job with hours

Where the inspiration when creating recipes? “Everything. I spend all day looking at recipes, and the brain canned. ‘I’d better this way…’, and I believe it in a different way. I also cover my recipes Stepmother“. Among his sources, other influencers gastronomy, including some friends: @tasty_hunting (“I love her Latin influence”), Yolanda, from @lacadenasaludable and @loletabyloleta, her reference in pastry. Also classic cookbooks. “I just discovered one that I love, “Mediterranean Cuisine”, by Ignacio Talavera and Carlos Corts Jorreto. It dates from 1998, it still has the price in pesetas. It includes a lot of curry dishes, something that seems recent to us, but clearly isn’t.”

The kitchen home made It’s not new either, but the novelty is that thanks to Instagram it has become elegant. and a good source Income. “I have found my place. I am happy in the kitchen. I love waking up thinking about the recipe I’m going to make and post. It’s me workand you can’t imagine how many hours I can work, at least eight or nine a day, although some days I answer followers at eleven o’clock at night. Someone thinks it’s not a job, but he’s wrong.” And that doesn’t weigh on the responsibility Now, who is the center of attention? “A lot. Going up so much is not normal. Sometimes I have a lump in my throat and it makes me anxiety. At the same time I believe, and not, in myself. The pressure It can be seen, everything can be looked at with a magnifying glass”.

Paula felt that it was possible to live well when she entered the kitchen and she confirmed it. You don’t know how far your Companybut I know where she would like me to take her. “I see myself in the Countrynear Madrid, with my vegetable garden, two little goats, my dogs, torn pants and riding a bike. That’s what makes me happy. I’m already looking for the house.”

And since he can’t stop, while he finds her, he has his own cooking book, with the publishing house Planeta, for which he has already written 55 recipes. To whet your appetite, Paula lets us know what she’s going to cook this very morning, when she’s finished the interview and returns from the market. With the three esses: healthy, tasty and simple. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I do,” he concludes.

His recipe: green asparagus au gratin

“It’s a super simple recipe that only takes 10 minutes. They are very tasty and, above all, with very few ingredients”, says Paula.

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  • Beautiful green asparagus
  • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 garlic
  • Salt
  • 2 tablespoons homemade mayonnaise
  • gratin cheese


In a bowl, put the crushed garlic, paprika and olive oil, mix until all the ingredients are well integrated. We cut the hardest part of the asparagus and spread it on a plate or in the castle of the air fryer with parchment paper. Brush the asparagus with the garlic, paprika and olive oil. We take them to the air fryer for 3 minutes at 175 degrees. If you make them in the oven, put them for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Remove from air fryer or oven. We put the mayonnaise in the middle and the cheese gratin on top. Put it back in the air fryer for 3 minutes at 175 degrees. In the oven, it will be 5 minutes at 200 degrees. The result is asparagus with spectacular flavor and a finger-licking gratin.


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