Las Lavanderas de Cella wins the Mi Pueblo Cocina competition organized by ADRI in Villarquemado

Veal with ratatouille, important potatoes and poached egg was the recipe with which the team of Las Lavanderas, from Cella, yesterday won first prize in the Mi Pueblo Cocina competition, organized by the Association for Integral Rural Development Adri Teruel through the Pon Aragón en Tu Project Mesa, he celebrated his final this Saturday in Villarquemado.

The winners received a Teruel ham and a check for 100 euros to exchange for purchases at Super Cash Vimar, sponsor of the event.

The second runner-up was the Los de Villarquemado team, from the host city, who defended their Pollo in pepitoria and received a shoulder from Teruel and a shopping check worth 75 euros. Finally, La Pica, from Perales del Alfambra, who cooked the marinated rabbit, took third place and won a batch of Don Jate sausages plus a check for 50 euros for their purchases. In addition, on the part of the organization, the prizes were completed with gifts of products and services with a value of 200, 125 and 75 euros respectively. In total, the competition distributed 800 euros in prizes, half of which was awarded by Don Jate-Súper Cash Vimar as official sponsor of the competition.

Ten teams cooked at the Villarquemado Sports Center yesterday, representing their respective towns in the Mi Pueblo Cocina Grand Final. In which the residents of Camañas, Cella, Perales del Alfambra, El Pobo, Villalba Baja, Cella and Villarquemado itself participated.

In the morning, ten recipes for dishes steeped in history were presented, such as quail stewed in rancio wine, rice carter, lamb shank with capers and mashed potatoes, shepherd’s soups, lamb stew, spicy snails or grandma’s chickpeas.

Recipes and dishes

The competition wanted to publicize recipes and dishes linked to the territory that have endearing stories of the people who, generation after generation, have prepared these stews, passing the recipe book from parents to children. Moreover, these dishes are closely linked to the land, since their main ingredients are products grown and produced in the cities belonging to the ADRI territory.

Behind each stew there was a family tradition and flavors that identify each territory. Rebeca, from the Los Carreteros team, from Camañas, recalled that the recipe for her road rice was taught to her grandmother by the old woman who lived in the road called Mrs. Otilia and assured that her family still ate during the holidays.

The La Pica team, who came in third place, in the first test of the morning

Local products have also been promoted and a touch of innovation has been incorporated. The Poborinos presented their quail stewed in rancid wine because, as Pedro, one of the members of this team from El Pobo, explained, this bird is very typical of this town because there are climatic conditions that favor with humidity and the cultivation of cereals. . The dish also included Teruel ham and the innovative touch was the high mountain black truffle.

“We started in El Pobo in 2007 with uncertainty as to whether or not the truffle would come out of the holm oaks we planted, and indeed the black truffles came out, but from the high mountains, which have a greater intensity of flavor and aroma as a particularity”, explained the candidate.

The jury formed by the director of the hotel school of Teruel, Luis Berzosa; Marcial, Sánchez, chef of the Ambeles restaurant; Encarna Catalán, responsible for the accessories of Las Bodas de Isabel for many years, and Rosa Rived, delegate of Pon Aragón at your table, chose the three finalists. The presentation, the flavor, the enhancement of the products of Teruel as well as the accessories, the staging and the history of the dish presented have been valued.

Final exam

The teams that passed the final test were Las Lavanderas who had made a few crumbs; Those from Villarquemado and La Pica with lamb shanks with capers. The three selected, in the afternoon, cooked a free dish in 90 minutes using the products included in a large basket provided by Super Cash Vimar as official sponsor.

In addition, there was food from local collaborating producers, with potatoes, organic eggs, seasonal vegetables, saffron from Teruel, artisan cheeses or sausages from the area.

In the final verdict, Mari Carmen Villamón, from the company sponsoring the event, also joined the jury.

The Los Poborinos team prepares its quails

This competition aims to enhance the quality of the intangible heritage linked to traditional gastronomy, in addition to giving prominence to the cooking processes of a lifetime and to the unbeatable products of the region which are undoubtedly the protagonists of these great recipes. .

Participants welcomed the proposal with great interest. “It’s an initiative that we really liked, that’s why we decided to register. That’s how cities move, we get to know each other, we meet and it creates a good atmosphere in the region,” commented Rebeca, a candidate from Camañas.

product market

Participating producers had the possibility of having a space for tasting and selling the product, so that the event also became a large market for the exhibition of products from the region, where visitors could try and buy them. .

It was, in short, a day of coexistence between cities and of enjoying the gastronomy and products of the Teruel region.

This action was developed within the framework of Pon Aragón en tu Mesa, a Leader cooperation project, which bases its actions on promoting and improving the competitiveness of Aragonese producers in rural areas.

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