King Charles’ demands while taking tea and Camilla’s first steps as a cook

Queen Elizabeth has managed to make tea time a magical moment, her special witch hour where, accompanied by cakes, illustrious guests and her beloved corgis, anything can happen. The new monarchs have inherited the habit and the tea ceremony, but they experience it as something more intimate. It is his particular haven of love. Noiseless and without the hot flashes of your schedules. Enjoy a cup of tea together -Queen Camilla admits- it’s as fascinating as sharing a moment of reading, very close to each other.

The image seems very peaceful, but achieving it requires a lot of commitment from the staff serving you. The tastes of Carlos III, a man who demands that his shoelaces be ironed and his towels placed in a certain position, are capricious. Unsurprisingly, staff at Clarence House dubbed him the spoiled prince And as for the tea, it was not going to be less. His favorite is darjeeling, a variety of black tea with a floral aroma grown at the foot of the Himalayas and considered the champagne of tea.

The tea ritual

When he turned 70, the British king stopped eating lunch and replaced food with several cups of tea with a little milk and a pinch of organic honey which must be added before pouring the infusion. According to chef Evan Samson, the butler should serve the infusion in a teapot using one teaspoon of the leaves per cup. The water must be at 100 C. At 70 C if you choose green tea. To make sure, the temperature is measured with a thermometer. Black tea is steeped for five minutes, while green tea is ready in three. The cup is in Chinese porcelain and the handle is always on the right. The teaspoon, just below. He and his wife take it in small sips, as does Elizabeth II.

This snack, rich in polyphenols and with abundant qualities for your health, is not the only custom that portends a long reign. They have made the pantry the soul of their home. King Carlos is an avid gardener, a hobby he shares with his wife, and each of his residences has your own garden which provides them with organic fruits and vegetables.

the king’s farm

At Highgrove House, the 18th century country house he bought in 1980, he has carved out his own paradise. It has a pavilion for beehives which produce honey, a house for chickens and a corral for other animals. The orchard, in which The use of chemical fertilizers is prohibited. fill the royal couple’s pantry with different crops. Among them, a wide variety of native apples stands out. Even the eggs – which Camilla loves scrambled – come from Highgrove.

Also at their London home, Clarence House, they have a colorful orchard with tomatoes, currants, pumpkins, beans or kumquat, Also called Chinese orange. The bountiful harvest allows them to freeze and even sell some of their produce through various outlets. Carlos III takes every opportunity to spread the benefits of healthy eating and reducing the carbon footprint of each individual through food. At least two days a week, he doesn’t taste meat or fish. He also doesn’t eat dairy one day a week.

camille, cook

The gardener is part of the family life of this couple and we imagine the king with gloves, but not with an apron. He never mentioned his culinary skills. The Queen, however, said she cooks her own vegetables. They like kale, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, peas and beans. These are eaten on toast covered with butter. He also prepares fish en papillote with fine herbs.

An interview with their son Tom Parker Bowles, a food writer and critic, revealed many of these habits and clarified that, being able to sit at the tables of the world’s most exquisite restaurants and chefs, Carlos and Camilla prefer the cooking at home. And the simpler the dishes, the better.

Cream is one of the queen consort’s favorite desserts.Getty

The queen learned some cooking skills from her mother, although she never followed a recipe exactly. When her children were small, on Sundays she prepared a barbecue for the family. Tom also confessed that more than once the baked potatoes ended up charring due to his distraction. If he decides to write a cookbook, he says it won’t be about recipes, but about his culinary disasters.

And when it’s time for dessert…

What they avoid are exotic foods and certain strong condiments, such as chilli, curry and garlic. The queen prefers not to overdo it with sweets, but her preferences are very definite: dark chocolate ice cream and strawberries with abundant cream. His specialty when preparing desserts is victorian cake, a classic for the British that is characterized by its filling of jam, berries or sweet cream. She usually replaces it with cream. Sometimes chocolate and sometimes lemon.

They released their reign after 70 years and it is evident that they do so in excellent physical and mental condition. They found your best ally in a balanced and quality diet which, by the way, helps them fall asleep and support their multiple commitments. They can take a supplement, such as marine collagen, which is beneficial for joints and skin and effective in fighting aging.


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