IU believes that the government applies? the same recipes? that in 2019, when what has been experienced advises more sustainability

United Left (IU) spokesman in the Cortes de Aragón, Álvaro Sanz, lamented that the regional government is offering “the same recipes” as in 2019, when “what has been experienced advises moving forward in more durable and close models”, while he criticized the non-respect of the agreements concluded with his formation.

This is how he spoke during his speech in the Debate on the state of the community, after the speech that opened it, this Thursday, and which was given by the regional president, Javier Lambán .

The deputy considered that since the Executive “they have chosen not to listen to us”, which has happened “more and more since the pandemic”, despite the fact that he considered that his position is “deeply social democrat” since he advocates “for the sharing of wealth, while it is generated” and for a “strong” public sector to correct inequalities and guarantee rights.

Sanz rejected the “immobile” concept of the pact “because it turns it into a swallow”, if it is not respected and “it is interpreted as an alibi to maintain travel receipts”, to recall that he signed an investiture agreement with more than 50 measures and in the Cortes of Aragon approved a hundred initiatives promoted by their formation “that have not been carried out”.

On taxation, he considered “unfair” that after crossing several proposals between the government and the opposition groups, they did not know what the position of the executive was, which Lambán put forward this Friday, in the framework of the debate, of which a wished to know the impact on the recovery of the measures announced.

Priority, the fight against inequalities

MP IU said the priority must be “to tackle inequality through all the public levers we are equipped with”, as this prioritizes action over other measures.

However, he continued, the data shows that the gap between rich and poor in Aragon has widened, so GDP is recovering, “but it is not evenly distributed.” At this point he made Lambán ugly that during his speech this Thursday he did not quote “not once the word worker or laborer, nor the word salary”.

“You praised red carpet policies” for investments, but you didn’t talk about ensuring decent wages and working conditions. In addition, he defended the reindustrialization of the territory to the public instead of generating poles of economic development where they already exist.

Sanz wondered if the funds intended to promote investments “have an impact on all Aragonese”, to warn that in 2022 “we will multiply by three the extreme poverty” compared to two years ago and that six out of ten Aragonese have problems getting to the end of the month.

Likewise, he said that agri-export, agribusiness and agro-industry “are the opposite of food sovereignty,” and called for limiting the size of livestock facilities “from more courageous way”, that the law protects the integrated breeder and a model in favor of the professional farmer.

He also spoke of digital sovereignty, “before throwing himself into the arms of multinationals who reside in countries where data protection policies are more lax than here”.

utility time

Sanz said it was time for public services to expand protection and enable “a dignified life for all” and also advocated using regional powers “to the maximum” to “prevent inequalities from continuing to grow”.

He recalled that there are more than 7,300 people on the surgical waiting list and that primary care consultations are obtained in twice as long as five years ago. He referred to his proposal to allocate 25% of health spending to primary education, in addition to calling for a “thorough and structural review” of the system.

He also offered to prepare a study on how private health is affected on the ground by competition for professionals.

In addition, 1,621 people entitled to dependency do not receive it and 5,000 are waiting for a disability assessment, as well as a three-month wait in some provinces for early treatment.

The UI spokesperson called for a public care system that is the backbone of the territory and for “much more ambitious” social rights policies, with the help of public and direct intervention, and to devote five percent of the Aragonese GDP to education, when “we are below” the percentage that was allocated at the start of the legislative elections.

To plan

Sanz called for planning to face the demographic challenge, social housing policies and measures to promote the right to culture and a healthy environment.

According to him, the commitment for the expansion of the stations is “delusional” because it implies “destruction for today and hunger for tomorrow”, while in terms of renewable energies, he asked for a moratorium until that there is no more planning because another development model is necessary energy because what is a solution “can become a problem”.

He defended a public energy company and a public forest exploitation policy against public-private collaboration “for the benefit of a few”.

On the other hand, it has proposed a zero kilometer logistics plan, a platform that allows small businesses to adapt and no longer set up large areas in Aragon.

we don’t cheat

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, stressed that the priority of his executive “is to fight against inequalities” and warned that in his government “we do not cheat, nor do we act in duplicity”, but budgetary and other limitations “prevent them from doing what you want”, although “we have all the will to respect the agreements”.

He argued that inequalities in Aragon “were not as great as in other autonomous communities” and that his government was working to “leave no one behind”, with policies towards the most vulnerable.

He also defended that when it comes to social dialogue, “we are champions in this country”. Lambán felt he agreed with Sanz in his defense of solidarity and equality, but has “a different way of understanding things in some respects”.

Lambán refused to be a neoliberal, but instead tries to defend “centered positions” and promote the welfare state, rights and freedom and for this it is necessary to have a representative democracy “with certain powers controlling others”.

On the other hand, he questioned those who “talked about doing renewable energies and now they are paralyzed” and on the snow sector he argued that it is the one that keeps the mountain “alive” and “we have to compete with Catalonia and Andalusia” in terms of ski area.


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