How to Make Grilled Butter Salmon

Salmon is a very tasty blue fish. It allows you to prepare different recipes being the main element of the dish. A great way to cook it is with butter, i.e. using flavored butters to add delicious flavor to a healthy food. It is a simple preparation, but for it to be successful it is necessary to know all the ingredients it contains and the steps to follow.

the recipe for salmon in butter sauce can be combined or accompanied with other preparations to prepare an excellent menu. Discover how to make buttered salmonall the ingredients of the recipe and the best ideas to accompany it by reading this OneHowTo article.

5 guests
30 minutes
low difficulty


Steps to follow:


The first step in the Butter Salmon recipe is fillet the fish if you bought it whole. You can also ask the fishmonger to cut it into as many fillets as the number of guests you are going to receive.

How to Make Butter Salmon - Step 1

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Marinate the salmon fillets. First, squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into a container. Add mustard, oregano, garlic paste, white wine and black pepper. Remember that garlic paste can be homemade or purchased from the supermarket. If you want to make it at home, you just need a little olive oil, salt, pepper and 3 heads of garlic. Now mix all the ingredients and add the salmon fillets to absorb the flavor.

How to Make Butter Salmon - Step 2


Store the container in refrigerator for 1 hour to ensure that the fish takes on the flavor of the mixture.


While the salmon fillets taste like a marinade in the fridge, prepare the butter sauce: in a bowl, add the butter with a few slivered almonds. also add lemon zest and black pepper. Mix the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous sauce and prepare the flavored butter.

How to Make Butter Salmon - Step 4


With the salmon fillets marinated and the butter sauce prepared, it’s time to cook the fish. light a medium fireplace the frying pan or griddle and pour a little olive oil and flavored butter that you prepared earlier.


While the oil and butter sauce heat up, remove the salmon fillets from the refrigerator. Discover the container check that they have marinated well properly.


Place the marinated salmon fillets in the pan so that they cook little by little over medium heat with the butter sauce. add one pinch of salt and wait a few minutes for the fish to blend in with the rest of the flavors. That’s how you’ll absorb them all and enjoy it from the first bite.

How to Make Butter Salmon - Step 7


With the salmon fillets still in the pan, add the rest of the marinade that remain in the container. Leave him to slow down so that the flavors are concentrated in the fish before to put out the fire.


Serve the salmon with butter and lemon, place each fillet on a plate. Use the remaining butter sauce in the skillet, spreading it over each serving. As an option, you can also decorate by adding slivered almonds on top Fish.


By following the instructions given throughout the recipe you will know how to make Buttered Salmon at any time. You just need to have the ingredients and review the steps to prepare an exquisite preparation, especially for lovers of this fish. But you don’t know how to serve salmon with butter sauce? On OneHOWTO we give you some ideas so that you can enjoy the recipe with side dishes and other healthy dishes:

How to Make Butter Salmon - Step 10

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