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When the last days of summer approach, with the sun already setting, with the temperature a little lower, for some the era of remorse begins… Winter is coming. Consultations with nutritionists skyrocket after the holidays.

For the lucky ones, there have been weeks of beach bars, barbecues or just plain neglect of food. More alcohol, fried foods and potato chips. Those extra pounds. The rebound effect of the bikini operation. This feeling of heaviness and sometimes even constipation.

This is how the buzzing in the head begins to return to healthier habits. How was it? This intention to give peace and truce to the body. It’s time to design more peaceful and balanced menus. Emotionally sure we enjoyed feasting with family and friends. Perfect. We have nurtured the most festive spirit, but in this life it is all about yin and yang. And fall is coming…

Messy schedules and excesses in the summer often lead to weight gain, although many people exercise more than usual in the summer. The keys are, according to nutritionists, to get back to that order and balance. At necessary meal and rest times. Plan a healthy low-fat diet and stop snacking between meals.

It’s time to get back to eating slowly, deliberately, moving away from gargantuan feast naps, taking good walks and getting more physical exercise. To remind again which foods should be regular, which should only be eaten occasionally, and which should be completely sporadic. It’s time to return to fresh and unprocessed foods, to cook with little fried oil, to bet on the oven, iron or steam.

It’s not about trying to do a bikini operation upside down, punishing the body and making it lose weight again at a forced rate, hoping that in a few days, by rebound effect, these fats will come back without pity.

It consists of weaning the body from the excesses of summer, but without punishing it. It is to enter the path of health with order but without pause. Go from the mobile discotheque to the Zen temple of nutrition. And always with realistic goals.

A realistic goal

The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition warns that around three extra kilos are usually acquired at this time. And being overweight, in many cases, can be discerned in this equation: how many calories enter your body and how many you burn due to the daily activity you do.

Some nutritionists call it the ‘post-holiday ITV’ for this reason. You have to do the configuration. It’s time to start cutting out the alcohol that does so much damage. The machine must be put back in shape, and fad diets, often dangerous, will not be good partners in this transformation.

You cannot lose in one week what you have gained in two months. It is rather, according to the experts, to re-educate the palate, since one can feast on very healthy recipes in the same way as when one falls under the spell of harmful and hyperappetizing foods.

Eat slowly and carefully, chewing well (this way the stomach has more time to send the signal of satiety to the brain). The fibers must again come back in the meals (in particular through the vegetables, the fruits and the legumes).

With the five servings of fruits and vegetables per day we will be within the recommendations. Plan balanced meals and away from these overly greasy or hearty stews. Think Harvard plates, which contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and complex carbohydrates. Incorporate fruit into breakfast instead of white bread or croissants.

Don’t set impossible goals. It is a slow and precise path. Many experts therefore claim that the real bikini operation begins in September. And never forget to enjoy eating, because otherwise you will spoil your mind and nothing good can come of it.

Choose light lunches and dinners that allow you to make up for the rest of the day’s food. It’s very useful, the empty fridge, to start planning a weekly menu that is as balanced as possible.

You can make a sketch on paper: fish at least three days a week -between white and blue-; legumes between one and three times a week; vegetables and fruits every day -in portions or in salads-; white and lean meats; eggs twice a week; little red meat -once a week-; moderate pasta or rice dishes – preferably as an accompaniment -; nothing ultra-transformed, that the jet lag season has already passed, without any whims, and only, at least for a while, non-alcoholic beer…

This way you will have a lot of cattle and later it will be harder to be tempted, lose your mind or forget your reasonable goal. The important thing is to think of the whole. Eliminating foods for no reason, except the most harmful, does not make much sense. It is better to think about a balance of nutrients and the right amounts.

You don’t have to worry about food either. If they are a few pounds (one or two), returning several times to the routine (as long as we do not continue with the excesses) the body readjusts, assure the nutritionists. No more ice cream, extra beers, hearty meals in restaurants…

Some experts also recommend, if the stomach has suffered from these excesses, taking probiotics or milk bacteria to help the body enter the new normal, always taking into account if you are lactose tolerant.

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