Five cockle recipes that are ideal for a healthy snack all year round

The weekend is here and we have more time to enjoy an aperitif before lunch. With light recipes like the ones we tell you here, we get a very healthy snack.

We can bet on vegetable spreads and raw vegetables or include seafood in our preparations, a low-fat and very versatile protein. A clear example is cockles, molluscs full of flavor and very easy to prepare as an appetizer.

Although late summer and early fall is when cockles are in season, canned seafood allows us to enjoy them all year round. If you opt for fresh seafood, it is important to clean it well and keep it as fresh as possible.

At DAP, they give us the keys to properly clean the hulls, and we only need water and salt. We are going to recreate the sea water so that the mollusk opens and expels any sand it may have. Put cold water and about 5-6 g of salt per liter in a container, mix well to dissolve and leave it covered (with a clean cloth is enough) in the refrigerator for at least an hour, although our experts recommend that two or three hours, changing the salt water every hour if it is dirty. After this time, drain, wash again with cold water and dry with a clean cloth.

Once clean, you can try a simple recipe for steamed cockles in white winethe first of our aperitif proposals.

These steamed cockles with wine are made with a traditional recipe in which wine, garlic and onion become the ideal complement to enjoy the flavor of the cockle without masking it. Easy and delicious.

Vietnamese steamed cockles

Vietnamese steamed cockles

If the simplest recipe seems just that, too simple, we can give it away a more exotic touch with this Vietnamese steamed cockle recipe. The power of chilli, the flavor of ginger (a superfood with multiple properties) and the wonderful aroma of Thai basil and lemongrass, will give our appetizer a little more rock & roll.

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Express ceviche of spicy cockles with tarragon and lime

Quick ceviche of spicy cockles with tarragon in Lima

Enjoying canned seafood beyond the opening of the can is possible, and this quick tarragon spiced cockle ceviche is the perfect example. They are served in a half slice of lime with a very nice appearance, and it will only take 20 minutes to prepare if you use wild canned cockles instead of fresh.

Garlic cockles

Garlic cockles

DAP experts say this garlic clam recipe has the best sauce ever**, so make some bread because you won’t be able to stop dipping. With the spicy touch of chilli, we will have an easy and very quick starter to make.

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Warm cream of asparagus with cockles

Warm cream of asparagus with cockles

For the aperitif we can use creams that we will serve in small glasses like these, and which will give a touch of sophistication and delicacy to the table. On this occasion, with this cream of asparagus and cockles, we use preserved ingredientsso the difficulty is minimal.

Set of 6 Natalia El Corte Inglés liqueur glasses.

Set of 6 Natalia El Corte Inglés liqueur glasses.

And if you want to round out your appetizer with something else, try avocado toast like the ones in the video, which are healthy (especially if you’re using wholemeal bread) and super easy to make.

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