Five business ideas set to change the food market

Food industry trends for this 2022 have followed a line where the story behind it is one of the most important arguments to attract the consumer, who seeks to feel represented with the lifestyle of the brand creators and to be informed of what they will put in their mouths.

Achieving new projects, goals, bets, as well as reaching a finish line where the most innovative proposals can revolutionize the food market are the result of time, effort, trial, risk and eventually succeed.

Enjoy Segovian suckling pig wherever you are

La Quinta de Tabladillo has revolutionized the concept of suckling pig consumption with the presentation of a product with the same taste, crispy and golden in the traditional way. The fifth generation of pre-roasting includes a novelty, this new product does not need refrigeration for its conservation.

Something that represents significant energy savings, as well as improvements in the transport of goods, among others. Its new packaging offers a more functional and eye-catching design. The Segovian company transports this typical delicacy of the Castilian-Leonese region so that its customers can taste it, wherever they are.

Coliflow, the pizza with a cauliflower soul

Coliflow is the new brand of cauliflower-based pizzas created by Alba Sánchez-Vicario, which has a Nutriscore A index in its base and in its vegetable recipe, as well as an improved nutritional profile in the rest of its recipes, and which It provides 30% fewer calories, 50% less fat and less salt than a regular pizza.

With up to 50% less wheat flour and made in an artisan workshop with a stone oven, Coliflow pizzas are made with the equivalent of 120 grams of fresh cauliflower per base, slow-fermentation sourdough and extra virgin olive oil, in addition to a first quality raw. materials, with ingredients such as natural tomato or 100% natural whey-free mozzarella cheese. Coliflow is now available in the Ametller Origen store network in Catalonia, Carrefour, Uvesco and Sorli supermarkets.

The first canned potato omelet

Chef Senén González has found the key to keeping one of his most recurring recipes, the potato omelet, this time canned.

After years of research and elaboration of local ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, free-range eggs, potatoes and onions, it is kept without refrigeration for a year and once opened, it is refrigerated for three days. To consume it, you just need to remove the lid of the can and heat it.

In addition, they have developed an industrial system that fry the potatoes at a temperature not exceeding 100Cº so as not to lose juiciness. Packed with a high vacuum method and egg and fat reduction, with all the vegetable fibers necessary to maintain the texture available in supermarkets and specialty stores.

Just that, the authentic 100% cheese starter

Just This is the new innovative range of snacks made with 100% dehydrated cheese that retains all its characteristics and nutritional properties with all its flavor and crunchy texture made with Torres fried potatoes. High in protein and calcium, low in carbohydrates, sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Designed to be consumed as a snack, appetizer or as an ingredient for creams and salads. In addition, it does not need refrigeration for its conservation. Emmental, Semicured, Cheddar, Gouda Pesto and Gouda Chilli are the five varieties available. It comes in different formats, has an expiry date of 12 months and is already available in Sánchez Romero supermarkets and in ten El Corte Inglés centres, six in Madrid, three in Catalonia and one in Marbella.

Liquid green olive, a delight for all palates

Caviaroli’s versatile bet with Albert Adriá is called Liquid Green Olive. A sauce that adds a touch of olive to your dishes which, as the brand presents it, intends to pay homage to the national product and to Mediterranean cuisine in general.

It is ideal for dressing, decorating and finishing any type of dish or appetizer. Recommended for use with rice, pasta, vegetables, carpaccios, pickles, preserves or salads, among others. Among its varieties, in addition to the traditional, the piparra and the chipotle stand out.

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