fire cooks | The firefighters of Murcia will star in a TV cooking show

Canal Cocina has prepared a gastronomic program, which will at least surprise us. With the title ‘cook firefighters‘, they announce that they are going to offer us the cooking made by the firefighters of ten parks in as many cities of Spain, including the fire station of Murcia (which will be broadcast in the second chapter), where these professionals spend many hours of the day they are on duty. Local firefighters show the dishes they like to cook the most and who are the ones that make up the traditional cuisine of each region of the country.

AMC Networks International Southern Europe is the producer who made this new program. “Fire chiefs” kitchen channelthat is to say, this time it is the own production of a television channel and not like most of the programs it broadcasts, which are generally acquired from international television channels.

The chapter of Firefighters of Murcia will be the second to be broadcast next Wednesday, November 2, at 8:30 p.m. and in this one the firefighters-cooks of Murcia, led by Charles Villareal They cook a starter zarangolloa first plate of rice with rabbit and serrano snails and, for dessert, the traditional paparajotes Murcians.

Meet your protagonists

As the firefighter of Murcia explains Charles Villarealfrom the Fire Extinguishing and Rescue Service of the Murcia City Council, the program was recorded in the first days of last June and participated in it Carlos himself, Alfonso Bermejo, Miguel Ángel Guillamón, Miguel Ángel Sánchez and David Zamorawho is the author of the photos, in addition to other colleagues who were on duty these two days that the recording of the program lasted and the non-commissioned officer, promoter and the person who was able to make it a reality, JDared Taren Lastra.

In addition to cooking demonstrations, the team of Kitchen Channel moves to Murciawas able to record various moments of the Royal Guards at Murcia Fire Station, including real sirens and various performances such as the emergency in a house fire.

The Firefighters of Murcia chapter will be the second to air on Wednesday, November 2 at 8:30 p.m.

It goes without saying that the firefighters of Murcia, as shown in the photos, they are thrilled with their foray into the world of cooking and Carlos Villarreal tells us with amusement that the gastronomic question “gets out of control, (laughs). Without going any further, a few days ago I participated with my family in a cooking contest for the Fiestas de The swimming pool where we made rice and managed to come in second place and I’m not a cook, what I want is to put out fires. Of course, when we cook, we do it with a lot of love and dedication”.

Charles, what He says he’s been cooking since he was eighttells us without hesitation, when asked what his favorite dish is, that the bread… “because it’s the food we want to eat at all times, for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner”.

jorge gomezanother of the members of the Murcia fire station, well known for his role as the Murcian cartoonist of ‘Thursday‘O’Playboy‘, with the author also of ‘Juan Alvarez crumbstook advantage of the gastronomic tour of Canal Cocina and presented the members of the program with an original work of art in which it represents one of the most emblematic dishes of the Region of Murcia, the Meatloaf.

One of the firefighters of Murcia, in the program of Canal Cocina. THIS

As the show’s synopsis explains: “Murcia has one of the most important orchards in the whole country and the firefighters of the capital’s Parque Infante are aware of this. During the “Cooking Firefighters” watch, firefighter Carlos Villareal and his colleagues will prepare a traditional rice from Murcia, that is, with rabbits and mountain snails. For dessert, an original sweetness typical of the region, the paparajotes. A cinnamon-flavored deep-fried dough delicacy that is made with lemon leaves. There will also be a typical starter from the region to whet your appetite: the zarangollo”.

What time does the cooking show premiere?

The show ‘Firefighters Cooks’ will be broadcast on November 1st on Canal Cocinaat 8:30 p.m., and soon they will announce at what other times the broadcast of each of the chapters will be repeated.

And it is that, as they explain from the producer, “as it happens in homes, also in parks, the kitchen has become the nerve and emotional center. During these long shifts, the firefighters have made developing recipes and their passion for cooking a point of union for the team”.


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