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Farmacias Ahumada, since August, has an automatic prescription subscription service, an online sales method that allows patients with chronic diseases to access more than 1,370 medicines with a specific frequency.

According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), in Chile only 4 out of 10 people can commit to undergoing pharmacological treatment.

Whether it is due to problems of affordability of medicines, high health costs or not having the opinion of specialists to monitor and advise patients, Chileans, according to the OECD, are among the countries with the highest rate. highest discontinuation of pharmacological therapies. .

The problem is that low adherence to treatment has a direct impact on resource expenditures to receive and care for patients who have not been properly cared for, increasing demand and stress on the healthcare system.

Pharmacies play a key role in control and containment in the primary system. As established by the Sanitary Code, they are health centers and must develop capacities to collaborate effectively in the treatment and control of chronic diseases.

In this direction, smoked pharmaciesmember of the Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), works to develop a patient-oriented pharmaceutical service offer and, from August it has an automatic prescription subscription service.

It is an online sales method which allows patients with chronic diseases to access more than 1,370 drugs continuously, with a specific periodicity.

Patients will be able download your recipes from the Ahumada websitemake the transaction using a credit or debit card registered with One Click and, in this way, receive their medication as often as neededaccording to your prescription with free practice.

“We want to be a contribution to the health of the country, with comfortable and efficient services. Prescription subscription allows patients to ensure compliance with their treatments. People get the drugs where they need them and with free delivery,” he explains. Michele Ingravallo, general manager of Farmacias Ahumada.

This new launch complements Farmacias Ahumada’s efforts to consolidate its role as a health center, where it offers a series of services focused on the health of Chileans, such as the Specialized Pharmaceutical Care Service (SaFe), where pharmaceutical chemists quickly perform checks of patients’ biochemical parameters, in addition to comprehensive pharmaceutical advice.

“The subscription is a particularly valuable tool for those who suffer from a chronic disease, a group that in Chile amounts to 11 million people, according to the National Health Survey (ENS 2016-2017). Even 2.4 million Chileans suffer from five or more chronic pathologies, such as hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia or diabetes,” Ingravallo explains.

Importance of adherence to treatment

When the patient does not comply with the treatment, this compromises its effectiveness in the first place and, potentially, decreases its quality of life. This can lead to relapses, the prescription of other medications, higher hospitalization rates, absenteeism from work and increased costs for the entire healthcare system.

For this reason, it is important to follow the treatment for the time indicated, but also to take the doses indicated and correctly, avoiding that the drugs lose their effectiveness or interact with each other.

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