Enasui, the all-terrain kitchen and catering service that stands out for its personalized attention, proximity and quality

This family business has built its success story on two non-negotiable pillars since its foundation in 1997: personalized attention and quality. “When we started, collective catering was dominated by multinational groups, so there was no contact between customer and supplier, which is cultivated by meeting needs, by transmitting proximity”, explains Pablo Velasco, commercial director of Enasui.

So, in 1997, Enasui started with two customers. A quarter of a century later, he doesn’t have one, but two central kitchens in its 4,000 square meter facility where they cook non-stop — when one cooks, the other cleans and vice versa — throughout the day in order to provide the best service to its wide and varied client portfolio.

Composed of more than 200 names, this portfolio ranges from schools, public and private, residences for the elderly, nursery schools, student residences, university residences and company canteens at town halls to which Enasui manages its leisure services, cocktails and events of all kinds. They even carry out the complete cleaning of certain installations. “We are off road; We adapt to all types of customers, so much so that we can serve company canteens of 15 people as well as massive events with thousands of people among the participants, ”they say from the company. Without going any further, Enasui served the caterer for the ‘A Summer Story’ festival, recently held in Arganda.

Central kitchen of the Enasui community kitchen company (photo: Fernando Galán).

Menu customization

Although in the two central kitchens of Enasui more than 200 different menus are prepared to meet all food allergies that exist, their “menu of the day” for their customers is always the same: top quality raw materials, daily communication and unbeatable value for money. “Our goal is to promote the fifth-of-the-range sector, to serve this type of clientele who need to make their costs more flexible while maintaining quality“says the commercial director. “Our philosophy has always been to give the customer what they want and need, whether it suits us or not, but always with the limit set by quality,” he adds.

This is only possible with a qualified professional technical structure—Enasui has a staff of more than a thousand people—that takes care of each stage of the food chain. Not only the kitchen equipment, which is fundamental in the final result —“the cook’s hand is the key to any kitchen”, they acknowledge—. We are talking about cleaning and food safety teams, key figures in the collective catering sector of which Enasui is a reference. And also the technical equipment of the central kitchens, spaces in which the Madrid company is immersed in its renovation to adapt them to new technologies and meet future needs—for example, the elimination of plastic containers—. Added to all of them is the large team of professionals who work in the company’s offices.

But, in addition, a network of suppliers of quality raw materials and a team of qualified nutritionists are necessary to shape the menus that are prepared in the Enasui kitchens. “We have experienced and highly trained nutrition technical staff and we work with verified and approved, top tier suppliers», affirms Velasco, and underlines that these suppliers are committed to « the product of proximity (Km zero) and have sufficient environmental approvals ».

Traditional food of the Mediterranean diet

The enasui menus, In general, they are distinguished by the amount of elaborations recognizable by the final consumer whether you are 5, 40 or 82 years old. It’s because they are recipes typical of the Mediterranean dietcommon dishes in the vast majority of domestic kitchens around us.

Enasui’s team of nutritionists also designs them according to the client’s needs and provides accurate values ​​for the necessary daily intake. Subsequently, the kitchen team is responsible for shaping these menus. It does this by working as it should in professional kitchens, strictly following legal food safety guidelines.

One of Enasui’s two central kitchens (photo: Fernando Galán).

This is easy to see in the two central Enasui kitchens, which have very different work areas: a space for traditional stews, bins for purées and creams, a room for cleaning meat and another space for cooking. the same with fish, in addition to state-of-the-art machinery such as blast chillers to “kill any germs in food that may remain and adapt it to a cold temperature” that allow d send the food in perfect condition to the customers who heat it up at the place of destination before serving it.

In addition to this option, Enasui also offers the possibility of sending it hotand this adds a third option: cook on site using the kitchens available at the customer’s facilities.

Such is the versatility of Enasui that now it also offers its fifth-range meal services to small hoteliers, so that they can reinforce their kitchens if they need it with the help of the professionals of the Argandienne company. “Our size and our philosophy allow us to be very adaptable,” they conclude.

Packaging area in the Enasui kitchens (photo: Fernando Galán).

Enasui has just signed a collaboration agreement with the Association of Entrepreneurs of Arganda, Rivas and region (asearco).through which it offers entities associated with this group of activities advantages in the tariffs in force for its services.

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