Corporal Font is revolutionizing the Army Ranch (and YouTube) with his recipes

After a long day of maneuvers and hard work, at 21st Signal RegimentWith base in Marines (Valencia)a special reward awaits them: one of their members is a restless gandia cook, grandson of the inventor of the fideuàwhich not only revolutionizes the supply of troops but also shows, on social networks, a very different military cuisine.

It is First Corporal Simon FontThat is Cape Cook in his civil profile, 38 years olddescendant of emilio lopeztanned cook in Valencia malvarrosa rice dishes which has marked the history of fideuà since Stoves of the Hotel Europa in Gandia and that, according to his grandson, “he was the first to make it in paella, because until then it was with honey and in a cauldron”.

In the absence of military lineage, which was not in his family, Corporal Font decided to bet on his good hand in the kitchen and his decorations won on the basis of Sunday paellas to gain the trust of his superiors, first so that they let him “evolve” the military ranch and later so that the army would allow him to divulge the ins and outs the outs of the country kitchen.

The channel’s first success YouTube “The metal tray” This is the recipe for crispy chicken, or “crunchy” chicken, as Corporal Font calls it, the favorite supply post of the first battalion of Signals 21.

From potito to pad thai

“When my son was born, I was studying senior kitchen technician and I started posting on YouTube how to make natural pots. Then I started to hold on videos on TikTok and Instagram about the food we prepared in the army during the maneuvers, but when the visualizations began to grow (up to half a million) there was a certain controversial because nobody can record or take pictures inside military exercises,” he says.

From there, he started “from zero”, he asked for the official permits and the department Army communication they proposed to him to create the channel ‘The Metallic Tray’, a nod to the film of Stanley Kubrick “Full Metal Jacket”.

And is it possible to show the kitchen for a hundred starving soldiers? “It depends on the cook, he replies, “being wrong can cause problems (laughs) but the truth is that I do a lot of tests at home, I worry about learning, seeing what we can do with the budget…”.

“Obviously, I didn’t do any experimentation on the first day. Little by little, I think I gained the trust of the managers and, with the support of the colleagues, we do new things and we are creative”, explains Police of temper.

And so it refers to dishes such as pad thaithe loin head with six hours of oventhe French Toast with Horchata That is paella and rice always varied and adapted to local products (blood pudding and mushrooms, for example, when the maneuvers are in Aragon).

Country stoves

But the difficulty lies not only in the number or the requirements of the guests, because Corporal Font and his team have to deal with a single kitchen (trailer that runs on diesel) manufactured in Zaragoza for the Spanish army, whose delicate handling requires a great knowledge of the behavior of this fuel, temperatures and pressures.

This unique car, which does not require electricity and allows great independence, It can be transformed in a few minutes into a huge kitchen with three stoves to which you can adapt accessories (pressure cookers or planchas) and feed a hundred people during the week that the maneuvers usually last.

“In future programs of ‘Laeja Metálica’ we will try to accompany the parachute brigade, where about 500 or 600 people eat; we’ll make desserts, we’ll talk about knives and their maintenance, and we’ll work with civilians to learn from them,” says Corporal Font.

He also admits that his biggest dream would be to cook with media Pablo Albuernebetter known as Gypsy Chief, with whom he shares his simple but passionate way of approaching cooking.

And if one day he showed up to eat the Djemad (Chief of the Defense Staff)? “I risk it with my ranch. I already try to make every dish special,” concludes this soldier-chief who, on TikTok alone, has accumulated nearly 17,000 subscribers.


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