Cheese as a soft drink is possible thanks to these recipes

In salads, cold dishes or ice cream and desserts… Cheese can be the ideal ingredient to fight against high temperatures, and can be both nutritious and healthy. We leave you these recipes so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

The domestic cheese It can be the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your summer diet and can be, surprisingly, very refreshing while nutritious and healthy. Unsurprisingly, cheese is a calcium-rich foods, vitamins A and D (both vitamins help the body absorb calcium which keeps bones and teeth healthy); B12, B9 (folic acid), B1 (thiamin) and B2 (riboflavin).

Cheese of national origin is one of those foods that make a difference to be part of, for example, a complete salad. “combine the cheese cool Fruit fresh or dehydrated, walnuts, arugula and spinach fresh – which can be seasoned with a Dijon mustard vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, honey, oil, salt and black pepper – we obtain a five star proposalof one quick and easy way“, they explain from the Interprofessional Dairy Organization (InLac).

Different types of goat’s, cow’s, sheep’s cheese or their mixtures They also go well with a good salad of quinoa, cooked chickpeas, kale, dried cranberries and half a mango, dressed with a vinaigrette of red fruits and sherry or Modena vinegar, for enhance the flavor and give it that touch of exoticism.

The versatility of cheese makes it a wonderful ingredient To be a part of also sauces, creams, skewers, risottos or quiches, also very suitable to enjoy both in summer and during the rest of the year, as they are easy to prepare and very appetizing. Without forgetting the enormous possibilities in cold desserts like the cheese and chocolate tiramisu; cheese cakes, carrot cakes, homemade cookie or blueberry ice cream…

Here you have three suggestive recipes to taste the most refreshing cheese, quinoa and cheese salad, blue cheese sauce and cookie ice cream, to lick your fingers! take note for surprise your guests with ideal preparations to taste.

Quinoa and cheese salad

To prepare this refreshing salad will be needed: 60g of cream cheese200g of cooked chickpeas1 cup of quinoa2 cups of Water2 cups of kale½ cup of Dried cranberriesand ½ mango.

After getting the ingredients his elaboration start putting cook quinoa in a pot (2 cups of water for one of quinoa), and we’ll have it for 20 minutes. Whereas wash the kale and chop it in small pieces. Then we do same with the wizardbut in small pieces, then wash the chickpeas well. In a salad bowl, place the kale, then distribute the chickpeas well and on top, put the quinoa, then the fruits, first the mango then the dried cranberries. Ultimately, crumble the cream cheese above the rest of ingredients.


Season with a vinaigrette of red fruits and Modena vinegarwill enhance the flavor of this exotic salad.

blue cheese sauce

The realization of this recipe is very simple and practical, it is enough to four ingredientsyes, 100g of Cream cheese50g of blue cheese125g of creamy yogurt Yes sto (optional).

For make a creamy sauce without lumps, all ingredients should be at room temperature before mixing. In a bowl we prepare the creamy yogurt with blue cheese and cream cheese. You can play with the proportions of blue cheese depending on the intensity of flavor you want to achieve. Once you have the desired quantities, we beat lightly. Put the bowl in the microwave and we heat less than a minute for the cheese to melt and come together much better. This remove and mix again until you get the desired texture. And finally we serve the sauce at room temperature and served with raw vegetables. A healthy and very tasty snack!

Homemade cookie ice cream

There is nothing better than ice cream at this time of year, and to make this delicious recipe you just have to we will need 1 jar of cheese spread, 500g of whipped cream200g of Chocolate, 120g of sugar Yes cookies chocolate or cookies.

Their elaboration consists of a bowl, add the cheese spread and mix it with the chocolate previously melted. Once integrated, add cream and sugar, and continue to stir well. we put the mixture in a mold what are we going to cover clingfilm and we will leave it cool in the freezer for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. We take it out, remove the mixture that will not be completely frozen and put it back in the freezer once more. We will repeat this process until we get the texture of an ice cream. Once the mixture is ready, add crumbled chocolate cookies. And to finish, we create balls of ice cream that we will place between two cookies chocolate sandwich


When preparing the mixture, you can replace the melted chocolate with vanilla essence. You will get a softer but equally delicious ice cream.