By order of the IOMA, pharmacies no longer accept copies of medical prescriptions: what members must do

From this Thursday, IOMA members will no longer be able to go to pharmacies to collect medicines with copies of prescriptions or with unofficial forms, a modality that had been put in place during the pandemic. As reported by provincial social work, with few exceptions, from today patients must present original prescriptions signed and stamped by the corresponding doctor, as was done before the coronavirus. The other possibility is to complete the procedure with the electronic prescription, always under the prescription of the professional.

“The institute informs that as of Thursday, October 6 of the current year, no more prescriptions can be accepted without the signature and stamp of the professional. All prescriptions must contain the holographic signature and seal, both in original,” it said.

The IOMA clarified that “Outstanding prescriptions, issued with dates prior to the one reported, will be taken into account by the institute”.

Provincial social work has also expanded the option for members to use e-prescribing, which is already available and can be carried on their mobile phone.

“Only prescriptions prescribed in the original in the official IOMA prescription booklet (magenta color), or in the SAMO prescription booklets (which must contain the original seal of the corresponding hospital) will be valid. In both options, the seal and holographic signature of the prescribing professional must be original. IOMA and UMA e-prescriptions (emergencies) will also remain in effect,” it was detailed regarding valid prescriptions.

Electronic prescription is a tool which, in addition to facilitating and accelerating the ambulatory drug delivery circuit with greater transparency, secures the medical act of prescription, makes it possible to generate the unified pharmacological history of each patient; consult medications indicated by others and other professionals to the same person and integrate the indications for treatment. Also, of course, his protection,” it said.

The affiliate can keep the electronic prescription on their mobile phone, without having to take it printed to the pharmacy, although the option of printing it or sending it by e-mail is also possible. It is completed with the same data as current revenue and is accessible from the web, in Affiliate Self-Management and in the Affiliate Portal. By clicking on the “Electronic prescription” button, you have access to all the prescriptions issued by each health professional.

For its part, the College of Pharmacists of La Plata has focused on members who manage their medications through the Meppes plan. “For those who have or leave prescriptions for said regimen, they should collect them to seal and sign them for their family doctor or another, then bring them back to the pharmacy again,” he announced.

Meppes is a medical and IT authorization and control system for carrying out procedures that allow the monitoring of the delivery of certain drugs for users with specific pathologies (congenital heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, among others) and particular situations.

In order to guarantee a better quality in the service provided, both the procedure and the dispensing of drugs are carried out at the place of residence. The procedure is downloaded to the Regions and the audit is carried out online at Headquarters.

Once the Meppes procedure has been authorized, prescriptions are issued (the number will depend on the months for which it has been authorized) for the doctor to sign and seal. With them, the user must report monthly to the pharmacy.


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