‘Bomberos Cocineros’, a new program with traditional recipes traveling through the parks of Spain

It may be a coincidence, but there are professional branches in which coworkers have something else in common, we talk about the hobby or the passion for cooking and good food. It’s not about two or three colleagues who talk about their tastes during the day, but about those who meet outside of work to share their hobbies by cooking and enjoying gastronomy. We have seen it in the medical sector, as well as in the fire department, which is why the new program that is going to premiere did not surprise us at all kitchen channelis titled ‘cook firefighters‘.

AMC Networks International Southern Europe produces this new program for Canal Cocina, i.e. it is its own production (you know that many programs broadcast on Canal Cocina are bought from international television), and so far ten episodes have been prepared. They will cover the fire station kitchens from different cities in Spain, see Almendralejo, Castropol, Albacete, Huelva, Murcia, Granada, Tortosa, León, Parla and Ferrol.

No, firefighters will not open the doors of their homes to cook, they will do so at their place of work, but the program is not just about the kitchen. As we read here, the cameras of Canal Cocina will accompany the fire units throughout their day, so (it seems) that some of the incidents that occur can be seen. But we imagine that what we will see the most are the most “gastronomic” moments, where the moment of buy local products on the marketand something very important, in ‘The cook firefighters’ they will appreciate The importance of good nutrition for your professional developmentand will highlight the culinary level reached by these heroes.

‘Firefighters Cooks’ will premiere November 1 on Canal Cocina, will be at 8:30 p.m., and soon they will announce what other times each episode is repeated. For now, under these lines, we leave you the episode guide so you know how they will develop and what we can see every day:

Episode 1 – Almendralejo (Tuesday 1 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

The Extremaduran town of Almendralejo is located in the heart of Tierra de Barros, the most fertile area of ​​the entire community. In their fire station, we will meet a group of professionals passionate about cooking and their land. Antonio Mendoza will be in charge and his main course will be a few Iberian pork cheeks in red wine Edge of the Guadiana river. Your fellow cooks will prepare a delicious flan for dessert with the milk of the most popular animal in the region: the sheep. And, as a starter, a refreshing gazpacho from Extremadura.

Episode 2 – Murcia (Wednesday 2 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

Murcia has one of the most important orchards in the whole country and the firefighters of the Parque Infante in the capital are aware of this. During the “Cooking Firefighters” vigil, firefighter Carlos Villareal and his colleagues will prepare a traditional rice from Murcia, that is, with rabbits and mountain snails. For dessert, an original sweetness typical of the region, the paparajotes. A cinnamon-flavored deep-fried dough delicacy that is made with lemon leaves. There will also be a typical starter from the region to whet your appetite: the zarangollo.

Episode 3 – Pomegranate (Thursday 3 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

In the north park of the emblematic city of Granada, they can boast of having great firefighters and great chefs. José María Sancho is a seasoned professional who shares his creations with all his colleagues. For the main course, he will prepare something very local, a fennel stew. A dish with a marked aniseed flavor from the fennels that the firefighters themselves pick up in the wild. For dessert, “huevos mole”, a delicacy made from egg yolks and soft meringue foam. As a starter, they will prepare something very refreshing, a “remojón granaíno”.

Episode 4 – Albacete (Friday, November 5, at 8:30 p.m.)

Pepe Carretero is the soul of Albacete Park. 37 years old and many guards in front of the kitchen have made him the most endearing and the most adored of his colleagues. The gazpacho manchego he does are reputed to be the best in the area, not of the fire stations, but of the surrounding restaurants. We will verify that it contains truth. For dessert, we will have the luxury of witnessing how Eric, a Frenchman who has lived in Albacete for over 20 years, makes creamy chocolate. And as a starter they will prepare the famous ratatouille manchego.

Episode 5 – Huelva (Monday 7 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

The central fire station of Huelva has Chiki in charge of the kitchen. The menu presented in this chapter will logically have seafood as its protagonist. The main course will be a seafood stew made up of seasonal beans, cuttlefish and white shrimp from its shores. A complex dish due to the different cooking points and the delicacy of the raw material. On the dessert side, all the importance will be given to a typical fruit of the region, the strawberry. The recruit from the guard will crumble with them. And as a starter, delicious and crispy shrimp “tortillitas”.

Episode 6 – Tortosa (Tuesday 8 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

The Ebro Delta is the reference and the orchard that nourishes all the products that the firefighters of the modern park of Tortosa need for their diet. We will accompany the watchman who has Andreu in charge of the kitchen, a young but daring firefighter with relatives in the hotel world and proud of the quality of his rice dishes. Andreu will prepare the dish that best represents him: duck rice. We will visit Deltebre, his birthplace, to revel in the beauty of the landscapes of its one kilometer long rice fields. For dessert, a typical sweet from Tortosa, the cherry “coc”. And, as a starter, taking advantage of the existence of mussel farms, some Delta mussels.

Episode 7 – Leo (Wednesday 9 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

In this chapter of Firefighters Cooks, we go to the León fire station. The game will be the protagonist of the main course that Alberto “Niño” will prepare. Taking advantage of the fact that another firefighter colleague has wild boar meat, hunted and marinated by himself, “Niño” and his colleagues will prepare a very Leonese menu: wild boar potatoes. Powerful and caloric but always well received by the brigades. For dessert, nothing more and nothing less than “mother” recipe French toast. And as a starter, of course, Leonese cecina toast.

Episode 8 – Talk (Thursday 10 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

The Madrid town of Parla has a firefighter in its main park who is both a firefighter and a professional cook. Alfredo Marañón’s passion for cooking led him to study a cooking MF. He hasn’t worked in any restaurant… or yes, because he almost always cooks for his fellow guards. Alfredo offers something very traditional for the main course: braised oxtail. For dessert, one more sample of the taste of cooking and complex recipes, an Almudena crown filled with cream. And as a starter, another demanding preparation, fresh pasta ravioli with pesto.

Episode 9 – Ferrol (Friday 11 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

Julio Martínez is a veteran of the Ferrol fire station. After 37 years of service, at 58, he is finally retiring this year, with grief and some sadness. One of his last missions in the park is to instill in new generations a taste for cooking and community meals. Julio will prepare a very Galician and “mariñeiro” menu for us. incoming octopusin this case “at the muggardesa”. For the main course, marinated xurelos and for dessert, a sweet secret with an enigmatic and metaphorical name: “the tears of the firefighter”.

Episode 10 – Castropol (Monday 14 November, at 8.30 p.m.)

César Ceñal is a firefighter but also a fisherman, a diver… He is many things at the same time. Caesar will prepare at the Castropol fire station as a main dish some ink squid. But not just any squid, but those he catches himself on his boat in the waters near Gijón, where he has anchored it. If the forest fires allow it, his companions will prepare two 100% Asturian dishes as a starter and a dessert. A few minced meat cakes to whet your appetite and, for dessert, the legendary frixuelos.

Looks like it’s gonna be a culinary program very rewarding, because just as we like to learn from great chefs, we like to get into other kitchensone of the most magical spaces in a house, but also where professionals spend long hours on duty, such as hospitals, firefighters…

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