Almudena Crown Recipe from El Horno de Babette

    On November 9, Almudena Day is celebrated, a celebration of the people of Madrid, and one of the best ways to celebrate it is around the table, for example by booking in the
    new restaurants in Madrid that are fashionable in 2022 or in those places in the capital where you will eat very well for less than 25 euros. But a very, very special way to do it is to step into the kitchen for your family or friends, and what better way to do that than to prepare the typical candy of that day, the Crown of the Almudena, this roll with a soft crumb, a unique texture and an intense flavor filled with cream that reminds us of Roscón de Reyes. You dare? So we’ll give you the recipe of one of the most popular artisan workshops in Madrid, El Horno de Babette.

    Beatriz Echervarría, master baker and owner of El Horno de Babette, shares her recipe for Corona de la Almudena “adapted and much more practical to make at home”, following the primitive system of his book “The Elements of Bread”, without kneading.

    A candy steeped in history

    It was more than forty years ago, in 1978, when the association of Madrid pastry chefs, who also have La Almudena as their patron saint, created a competition to find the perfect sweetness to pay homage to her. The winner was the crown of the Almudena, a dessert whose spongy and delicious dough, softer and lighter than that of the roscón, is at the center of this sweet bite with pastry cream (although there is also cream or truffle).

    Babette’s oven

    The crown of the Almudena of El Horno de Babette

    -600 g strong flour
    -90g egg
    -300g of water
    -150g of butter
    -5 g of osmotolerant dry yeast or 10 g of fresh yeast
    -120 g of sugar
    -10.5 g fine salt
    -Cold pastry cream
    – The zest of an orange and half a lemon.

    Scale, oven thermometer (optional), a bowl, a plate the same diameter or larger than the larger bowl, a spoon or rods, a baking sheet, parchment paper, a piping bag, oil for greasing, a sieve or small colander and kitchen gloves.

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    Babette’s oven

    1. Previous steps

    •Remove the eggs and butter from the refrigerator a few hours before making the crown. Weigh and leave both cutlery on the counter.

    •Grate the orange and half a lemon. Cover with film and set aside.

    2. Mix the ingredients

    •Organize your space.

    •Partially melt the butter in the microwave or in a saucepan over high heat. You don’t want it to melt completely because it’s easy to overdo it, so it’s best to keep it half melted.

    •Prepare the water for the recipe at 60°C. If you don’t have a thermometer, use your finger as a gauge. At this temperature, the water seems very hot but does not burn.

    •Weigh the sugar and salt into the bowl and add the water on top. Beat for one minute with a whisk or fork. Add the half-beaten butter and continue beating gently until it dissolves. Add the eggs and beat. You already have your enriched broth.

    •Place the bowl on the scale and add the flour to the enriched broth. Add the orange zest and half a lemon. Weigh the yeast and add it to the flour.

    •Mix by pressing the dough with your hand. The texture will remind you more of a pastry dough.

    •Cover the bowl with a plate and set the alarm for two hours from now.

    3. First fermentation (or bulk fermentation)

    •After two hours, make a fold of 16 turns (if you don’t know how to fold, you can watch my folding video, but remember that in this case the fold would be 16 turns /watch?v= gHuKDcauiSc). Pay attention to the texture of the dough. Set your alarm for two hours from now and do another 16 turn fold.

    •Two hours later (6 hours after kneading the dough) we complete the first rise.

    4. Practice

    • Flour the work surface, scoop out the dough, roll the dough into balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Then form a round ball and a bowl to generate tension (if you don’t know how to do this, you can watch my training video, you would be interested in the first two. ( watch?v=M_YKf8xDpSs), put a little flour on it and with a rolling pin make a hole in the center. With your hands enlarge the hole until you get a circle about 25cm in diameter.

    • On a baking sheet, place parchment paper and place your crown on it. Put the tray in the turned off oven.

    5. Second fermentation (or piece fermentation)

    •Put some water on the heat in a saucepan or kettle. When it begins to boil, place it inside the oven on the floor and close the door; This is your fermentation chamber.

    • Beat an egg with a pinch of salt and set aside.

    •When the crown has grown enough and the tray shakes like jelly, remove it from the oven and brush it with the egg wash.

    •Preheat the oven to 175 ºC and set an alarm for 35 minutes.

    6. Bake

    • Beat the egg again and paint the crown. Decorate with pastry cream and candied oranges and almonds.

    •If the oven is already at 175°C, put the crown inside. It will take between 18 and 20 minutes to be ready. If you have a kitchen thermometer, check that it reaches 92°C. Otherwise, wait until they are a nice golden color.

    •Remove them, knock the tray against the table (this prevents it from sinking) and leave to cool.

    If you want to know more about the recipes of ‘El Horno de Babette’

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    Pounds crumbs

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