7 asparagus recipes. Perfect for a light but delicious lunch or dinner

The asparagus It is a very delicious vegetable little used in Mexico, but very popular in the Mediterranean. In fact, it is not difficult at all to prepare them. They can be done in many ways, but ultimately the Roasted asparagus they are superior. They are excellent in pasta, as an accompaniment or with sautéed vegetables.

The asparagus they have a high content of vitamins B6 and C, fiber and folic acid, so including them in the diet is a big hit. In addition, they can be the best allies in a weight loss diet. However, being considered by many a luxury food, few know how to prepare it.

However, these typical spring vegetables are really very attractive, both for their very delicate flavor and for all their benefits. Elongated and very fibrous, asparagus comes to us from Mediterranean cuisine, where it has long been considered a real delicacy. Although it seems complicated to prepare it, in reality it is not difficult at all.

There are many ways to prepare them: either as an ingredient in another dish, on their own, pan-roasted or baked, the latter two being the best options to enjoy their particular flavor. You can make them simply by roasting them or include them in your recipes, like these nine recipes we share below.

Strawberry salad with asparagus

This strawberry asparagus salad is a little gem. The contrasting combination of the sweet flavor of strawberries with the acidity of vinegar is very good. Arugula is a plant that is characterized by an intense flavor, somewhat bitter, but with a lot of nutrients, and mixing it with the rest of the ingredients we obtain a super rich, balanced and nutritious dish.

Roasted asparagus with balsamic cherry tomatoes

These two ingredients go wonderfully together, they are the perfect side dish to accompany any protein you crave. Prepare this roasted asparagus with balsamic cherry tomatoes.

Recipes with asparagus 3

Asparagus and panela cheese omelet.

If you want a healthy recipe for breakfast, we invite you to prepare this asparagus and panela omelette, a very simple recipe to make! and healthy, whether you are dieting or changing your lifestyle to one that is much more fit and nutritious.

Recipes With Asparagus 2

Salmon with creamy mustard and asparagus

We share with you a simple recipe for salmon with creamy mustard and asparagus, so that while you cook something delicious and simple, you take care of your figure.

Recipes With Asparagus 1

Puff pastry with asparagus and ham

I now offer you a recipe for puff pastry with asparagus and ham that is delicious for dinner or for a first meal. you will show off and you will be able to offer a delicious and original dish without too many complications.

Recipes With Asparagus 6

Chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus and cheese

I find this recipe for chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus and cheese so simple to make and with such tantalizing flavor prospects that I couldn’t resist the temptation to share it. To add more flavor and texture, Manchego cheese will be the central key to the preparation.

Recipes with asparagus 5

Grilled Asparagus Quesadillas

It is an ideal option to end the day in style. It’s super light and rich, a super striking option for the typical quesadilla recipe we usually make. Try these quesadillas with asparagus au gratin.

Asparagus Recipes

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