5 reasons to switch to cottage cheese

The cheese Cottage It is a soft, white, creamy cheese that you can use in countless recipes. He is considered a cream cheeseit is therefore not subjected to an aging process, which gives it a very soft and pleasant flavor.

It is commonly confused with cottage cheese and even cheese ricotta, but they have some differences. For example, cottage cheese is made from whey and has a stronger flavor and texture.

As for ricottais also made with goat and cow milk whey, but in this case it has a higher fat percentage than cottage cheese since it contains cream. (Comparison of different Mercadona ricotta, cottage and cottage cheese products, although this may vary by brand).

The fact is that this cheese is a very versatile option for your meals and is full of benefits.

here are the reasons to switch to cheese Cottage:

1. High Protein Intake

If you are looking for a soft cheese that will help you increase your protein intake, the Cottage is undoubtedly your best ally, since for 100 grams of product it provides 14 grams of protein.

Contains whey and casein, a slow-digesting protein, which promotes the feeling of satiety for longer, so it is an excellent element for breakfast, for example, where it usually has a low protein intake.

2. Perfect if you’re losing weight

Cheese Cottage is one of the cheeses with less fat percentage and, as explained earlier, with a higher protein intake, this makes it a perfect combo for diets with a calorie deficit.

Not only can you include it in your breakfast, but it can also be a perfect snack as a yogurt with some fresh cut fruit And if you want to add good fat, add some seeds or some crushed nuts.

3. You’ll get a calcium boost

Cheese Cottage it is also an excellent source of calcium. For 100 gr of product you will get 83 mg, favoring the recommended daily allowance (2500 mg maximum per day for adults aged 19 to 50), to be in good health and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

In the sandwich that was previously proposed, with dried fruits such as nuts and some raspberries as fruits, you will have an even greater contribution, because remember: not only dairy products contain calcium.

4. Contains little fat

Fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body, but choosing quality fats is essential.

The downside is that the calorie intake from fat is very high compared to carbohydrates or protein, so the focus is often on reducing their intake (in weight loss diets).

Cheese Cottage is perfect in this aspect since it has only 4 grams of fat per 100 grams, of which 2.5 are saturated. (By the way, in a natural food like this, those saturated fats don’t have to indicate that they’re bad).

5. Very Versatile

Its nutritional properties have already been mentioned, but the fact that one food is better than another also lies in the possibilities of eating it and cooking it in different ways, so that it does not bore you.

Do you like sweet? You can take it like a yoghurt with fruit and a touch of honey, put it on a slice of bread (better if it is whole wheat, or rye or spelled, for example), in the same way as in a yogurt with fresh fruit, seeds…

For savory recipes, you can make stuffed turkey rolls Cottage, or that it is the base of your toast and you can put a scrambled egg, another animal protein, like smoked salmon or whatever you want on it. You can also put it in your salad and add creaminess.

And it is a very good option to make desserts or healthier recipes. Try it!

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