15 Quick and Easy Mexican Food Recipes to Make During National Month in Mexico

We are just days away from reaching September and there is nothing better to celebrate the national month than by preparing dishes and traditional recipes of the Mexican cuisine. Best of all, many of them are actually so easy and simple to make that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to try them, as it sometimes is, like with pozole or tamales. .

These 15 quick and easy Mexican food recipes that we will share with you highlight the whole essence of Mexican cuisineit’s about those dishes that we eat any day of the week and which, in the eyes of people who did not grow up in Mexico Like many of us, they may seem like an extremely exotic and elaborate preparation (when in reality they are very simple) only they are right on one point: they are extremely authentic recipes that comfort the heart and soul. stomach of the whole family.

tortilla soup

Tortilla soup is one of those Mexican dishes that has it all: broth, vegetables, tortillas (which are never lacking in a good Mexican cooking recipe) and an incomparable flavor. It is very rich, comforting and the mixture of textures and sensations in a single dish will give you an incomparable culinary experience.

Pumpkin flower soup with corn and mushrooms

Another recipe full of flavors from Mexican cuisine is Pumpkin Blossom Soup with Corn and Mushrooms, which is full of nutrients. A super balanced recipe that goes very well in those times when our body needs reinforcement to defend itself against the flu. Serve it with a little cream cheese and lemon juice.

15 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes


Among the star appetizers in Mexico are tlacoyos, a very common dish in the central states of our country, where some ingredients vary, but they are essentially thick corn dough tortillas (usually blue) that are oval in shape and somewhat chubby. Its already delicious flavor increases with the elements that are integrated in the center, such as beans, fava beans, pork rinds; and they’re crowned with prepared nopalitos, cream, sauce, and a little grated cheese on top. A delight!

14 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes


The tlacoyos are followed by the sopes: other typical appetizers also prepared with corn dough, as if it were a slightly thicker tortilla accompanied by beans, cheese, cream and a portion of meat, such as longaniza or steak. They are delicious, light and very addictive, in addition to being extremely easy to prepare and versatile, which is why they are one of the most popular Mexican snacks.

13 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes


Also similar to sopes, but with a touch of sauce and a thinner tortilla, we have chalupas. Chalupas are a very typical appetizer of Puebla cuisine. It’s a very simple but extremely delicious appetizer: corn tortillas, stuffed with potatoes or shredded beef, covered with a generous green or red sauce and a pinch of onion. Yes, they may look very simple, but they are full of flavor. We tell you how to prepare these traditional poblano chalupas.

12 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Nopales stuffed with red sauce cheese

Nopales are that ingredient more Mexican than chili. It grows everywhere and can be used for many things, but what we love the most is in food. This easy recipe for nopales stuffed with cheese in red sauce is ideal when you arrive tired and badly eaten due to an intense day at work or any daily activity; because it is a very simple, substantial and nutritious recipe, in addition to being delicious and very, very Mexican.

11 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Cream and corn rajas

Personally, I love creamed rajas because they are so easy to prepare and don’t involve huge expense for your pocket. You can accompany this traditional Puebla dish in several ways: in taquitos, in quesadillas as a light dinner or as a side dish, accompanying a good chicken breast. We urge you to try these cream and corn crackers in every way possible, but we advise you to proceed with caution, because once you start, you can’t stop.

8 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

marinated chicken

This chicken stew with adobo is delicious: adobo is a seasoning that adds an explosion of flavor to everything it touches, and this combination of many peppers is a perfect seasoning to give our dishes that little Mexican taste . In this particular recipe, the juicy flavor of the chicken is mixed in with the marinade and the potatoes soaking up all the flavor and it’s spectacular. You can even clean the plate with an omelette so that nothing remains.

10 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Chicken in green sauce with nopales

One of the most delicious recipes that can be found in the kitchens of Mexican mothers is found in this recipe for chicken simmered in green sauce that is usually also accompanied by a few pieces of potato, nopales and of fresh coriander. It’s such a simple and easy recipe that you can prepare it in just 30 minutes.

9 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Longaniza and potato in green sauce

It’s a winning combination. It is a comforting dish, delicious and very easy to prepare. Imagine it like this: in a taquito with its good dose of dripping green sauce, on a little classic and very Mexican red rice, did you like it? We tell you how to take away your craving with this recipe for longaniza and potato in green sauce.

7 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Tacos ‘sudados’ or tacos de canasta

When you think of the typical street food of Mexico City, there is no other: the first thing that surely comes to mind are these moist, tasty and very cheap tacos that are dripping with grease and bursting with flavor that we love because they can save you from starvation before you go home anytime. You know what I mean: delicious taco baskets. There are potatoes, beans, pressed pork rinds and in some places even cochinita. Here we tell you how to make the traditional potato and bean tacos.

6 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Chipotle Chicken Tinga

Chicken tinga is a dish from Puebla that delights us with its intense flavor and versatility, since it can be enjoyed as a main dish with a small salad, on toast, in tacos or even in cemitas. Best of all, like most dishes from Puebla’s vast and delicious cuisine, it has a memorable flavor and is a great dining experience.

5 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

cochinita pibil

Cochinita pibil is one of the most emblematic dishes of Yucatan cuisine. For those of us lucky enough to live in Mexico, we recognize the happiness that comes from eating a good taquito de cochinita with lots of onion, lemon, and habanero sauce. Delicious, if you ask me. And although it may seem very complicated to prepare, with this cochinita pibil recipe in an express pot, you can enjoy all the flavor of this Yucatan recipe from home and in a very short time.

4 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Mexican entrecote

This recipe will remind you of mom’s cooking: Mexican Beef Steak, a classic juicy and spicy combination that’s amazing eaten in taquitos or on its own, any day of the week.

It is also one of the simplest but tasty recipes that can be prepared with this type of cut of meat, since it contains super typical ingredients of Mexican cuisine and that you surely already have in your refrigerator by default: chili , tomato and onion . If you wish, you can add sliced ​​potatoes to spice up the recipe.

3 Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes

Yarn of resins

And finally, another typical recipe for Mexican tacos: beef tenderloin. The wire is a super classic dish of Mexican cuisine that can be found in several versions such as the wire of beef, the cutlet, the chicken or in its vegetarian version but the best is, without a doubt, the wire of beef: juicy, cheesy and with an unbeatable flavor.

Quick and easy Mexican recipes 2

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