11-year-old Kaitlyn Saunders on Black Lives Matter figure skating performance


Get to know the next generation of must-know names that are changing the game in the series Introductionwhere Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx are celebrating the Black women and girls who are emerging leaders and rising stars in the sports world.

Kaitlyn Saunders

Instagram: @the.skate.kid

Name: Kaitlyn Saunders
Age: 11
Profession: Student and figure skater
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Hobbies: Playing tennis, dancing, swimming, drawing

Empower Onyx: Figure Skating is beautiful to watch. How does it feel when you’re out there on the ice?

Kaitlyn Saunders: What I love about figure skating is the feeling. I feel like I’m flying. I’m free and floating like I have a superpower and am unstoppable and limitless. It’s so powerful.


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